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It is almost habitual for us to bend over while sitting in order to look at our phone or just to rest. It might be giving us some leisure time but at the same time, posing quite a few threats to our body.

For starters, our spines get a lot of pressure from our body. Prolonged slouching can lead you to feel a taut pain when you straighten your body up.

Following are a few things we can do to keep our spines healthy and not face the adversities of spinal problems in later future.

1. Sit Cautiously

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No, here is no dangers to siting of-course, But how we sit has a lot of impact on your posture later on. For starters, if you observe how you relax at a cafe, you’d find the nearest couch and drop yourself to the soft pillow-y feeling of the sofa. How much are we looking into the problem here. As we look down at our phones, our spines are pointing up than staying straight and arched perfectly. For this to be eradicated, pick a straight-back chair, sit with with your spine pressed to the back, Sit up straight and notice how habituated you steadily getting to being cautious of your posture.

2. Keep Phone Away More Often

To be quite honest, we even take our phones to the bathroom. But there needs to be a stop to the habit. During leisure hours, keep the phone away for 10-15 minutes. If needed close your eyes, lie down with your eyes closed and cal your mind. It is a little hard to get rid of something we are addicted to it. So we suggest you do it slowly. Cook, grow plants or take a brisk walk around your block. Hopefully, you’ll feel more energetic by having to tend to your liking than having to sit endlessly scrolling through your news-feed.

3. Deep Breathe More Often

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While we slouch, there is a significant amount of pressure we put on our diaphragm. This can restrict our breathing to short inhaling and exhaling. But when we sit straight, the body loosens up, widening up the body to breathe properly. In this matter, take 10 minutes of your day and sit straight, deep breathing and keep your mind off all the problems. This helps feeling comfortable and relaxed after a long day of work.

4. Wear Right Shoes

Shoes too loose or tight can affect our posture. A loose shoe will require your entire body to make an effort in not slipping while a tight shoe will start putting pressure on your heels. Overall, the sine gets affected as in both cases, our postures do not stay correct. Instead of buying them online, have your feet size checked to get you the perfect size that has your feet snugly fit inside.

5. Stretch First

Stretching Exercises Athelio Com

Most often, we forget to unhinge the body of its habitual poses. But stretches help out in keeping the body healthy and muscles feeling flexible. Moreover, there is less risk of having muscle sprains if you get up suddenly or just twist your body in a way you haven’t tried before. Morning stretches ensure you stay fit and feeling refreshed for the whole day.

Follow these few tips to make sure that the spine is not having to deal with bad posture and problems in later life.

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