Well gym doesn’t have a book of conduct for you, enlisting its entire do’s and don’ts. It is generally said that you need to follow what your trainer says, act like a good human being and behave decently. However, there are always some good rules that you often break unknowingly. This can range from wearing too much cologne to filling your giant sized water bottle when there is a queue waiting behind you. These can be really annoying for a person and should not be practiced.

If you’re sick, stay at home!

Now what would it be like working out while you’re coughing and sneezing leaving a nasty trail of microbes for other people? Not a great idea for sure. Instead if you’re you a fitness fanatic workout, at your home instead or just follow some dance moves for your cardio base.

Obey the cardio time limits

Now you’re on your cardio machine and the gym says that you cannot use it more than 30 minutes and you think that isn’t fair enough. With increasing fitness enthusiasts, gym has been bound to set up such limits so that every exerciser can use the machine. So follow it for everyone’s sake.

Gym is for working out and not flirting

Well there are always some people who tend to get a rush seeing all that spandex, sweat and heavy breathing. Not that it isn’t good to check someone out, but gym is not the place to establish such relationships. You need to focus on yourself.

Dress appropriately

Now there is no official dress code to go to the gym in but you should understand that there is a proper attire for certain places. Short shorts, baggy clothes or barely staying tank tops constitute fashion hazards getting you some unwanted attention. Opt for a good sized t-shirt and a pair of leggings or medium sized shorts.

Your great fragrance

When your cologne or perfume enters before you, making everyone stare at you, it’s time you make some new adjustments in it. You need to smell good and for that use a deodorant but please leave fragrances for outside the gym.

Keep your unrequited advice to yourself

You may have a great experience in workouts but remember you’re not a trainer and nobody likes getting unsolicited advice from strangers. So keep your opinions to yourself.

Your giant water bottle is not all there is in the gym

There is a queue waiting behind you that also needs waters and you’re killing their time. Instead use a water fountain to refill your bottle if you can’t stop carrying a giant sized bottle.

Your gym accessories should be in the locker

There is a particular place to keep your gym bag in and not on other people’s feet. It is really annoying that you kill the space and think that the gym is your living room, which it is not. So keep your gym bag in a locker.

Respect other people’s desire of keeping quiet

Not everybody is a bird all talkative everywhere. Some people will only mind their business and be quiet and engrossed in their workouts. So don’t just try all discussing your thoughts and opinions and your life with them.

After you’re finish with weight lifting, unload your weight bar

Well obviously the gym is not your home, where your mother will handle your mess. This is a gym and everybody wants the things as they were before you used them. So always unload your weight bar afterwards.

Wipe down your bench with a towel

source- youthsportsny.org

Nobody likes working out lying on the bench all covered in someone’s sweat. So be a generous person and wipe off your sweat from the bench after you’re done using it.

Rules always try to make you a better person and there is no harm in following such codes for the betterment of you and other fellow gym goers. So be a generous exerciser and follow them.

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