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Gluten-free diet foods have become staples for those at risk of celiac disease or even gluten sensitivity. Meaning, it is their only source of nutrition. 

However, not every gluten-free foods are healthy for you. Rather most general food ingredients can be harmful if you are not careful enough.

So what is Gluten? 

In simpler terms, gluten is what makes a loaf of bread rise when you bake it. It is a form of protein that you will find in grains. 

Meaning, your regular rye, wheat, or even beer contain gluten that can cause allergy in those who are sensitive to this nutrient. 

So while opting for the best components, what should you avoid? Let us find out!


Processed Gluten-Free Foods


You might find processed and preservatives-rich friendly foods. However, these are detrimental to your health and can cause severe complications. 

These would be canned fruits, frozen or sealed fruits, and so on. 


Starchy Gluten-Free Foods


Starch in excess can cause your blood sugar levels to rise and lead to multiple ailments. Not only foods like processed yogurts and ice cream contained mixed gluten-additives but also can be high in sugar content. These can be maltodextrin, corn syrup, and sugar itself.

You might even find it in gluten-free potato flour, or tapioca sugar, etc.


Foods that Targets Your Immunity

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Various gluten-free diet foods as a substitute can come with components that attract unhealthy bacteria through its sugar content. 

And these are the main cause of bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine that can raise your autoimmune conditions and even lead to colon cancer. 


Some Gluten-Free Oils Can be Inflammatory

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While there are olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oils that are healthy substitutes for gluten-allergy, some can be dangerous. 

For example, oils going through a vigorous process can contain omega-6 fatty acids. And this is what leads to inflammation. Moreover, inflammation is the main cause of cancer and autoimmune diseases. 

Such oils would be cottonseed and canola oils. 


Foods that Contain Xanthan Gum

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If your food has Xanthan gum from GMO corn, make sure to stay away. 

For example, gluten-free muffins with Xanthan gums are soft and chewy but are harmful to your health. 

Do you know of any more harmful diet foods to stay off during gluten-allergy? Do let us know!

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