get rid of Back And Arm Fat athelio

We give our all to shed the extra pounds of the front of our body, but how about our backs. Surely the glutes and inner thighs aren’t the only regions that constitute the back of our bodies. That’s right, out backs can store fat leading to underarm flab and waist flab.

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Most of the times, we wear over-sized shirts or hoodies to hide the extra flab. It is due to the negativity put upon us that our bodies aren’t beautiful the way they are. Let us remember to love the bodies we have, wear what makes us beautiful and keep ourselves fit, as shedding weight is not slimming down but becoming stronger and healthier.

Here are the Best 4 exercise to reduce the extra flab off the arms and back :

1.Push and Touch

  • Bend your upper body forward
  • Bring your arms down, each holding a dumb-bell and the thumbs facing out
  • Spread out your arms, while body is bent
  • Bring them back in, enda of the dumb-bell touching
  • Repeat this for 10 times in 3 reps

2. Bend-Over Circular Row

  • With dumb-bells in each hand, bend your knees down
  • Let the hips go back and shoulders rolled over for balance
  • Move the arms in rowing motion
  • Be sure to bring the hands down each time close to each other
  • Continue this for 10 counts in 3 reps

3. Elbow Kiss

  • Stand straight and bend your elbows, palms facing up with weights
  • Open and spread up the arms, squeezing the shoulder back muscles
  • Push out the arms and repeat fr 10 times, 3 reps each

4. Crisscross Reverse Fly

  • Bend your upper body towards the floor
  • Lower your arms with dumb-bells in each hand
  • Raise the arms on each side till both arms form a straight line
  • Bring them back and repeat for 10 counts 3 reps each

These exercise will no only shed extra flab but give you a fitter physique.


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