Summer Fruits Athelio Com

It’s almost summertime (not without a little storm to begin with). How about getting back on the keto diet you followed through so well throughout winter?

Different fruits bloom into the market during the entirety of summer season. Keto diet, to me, is the healthiest, filled with the most scrumptious meal planning. Let the oncoming of summer be filled with fresh fruits to blend well with your keto regime.

1. Raspberry

Stir up your post-workout smoothie with some yummy raspberry smoothies.

2. Avocado

Us millennials’ manna dew, avocado blends well with all recipes you can think of. Here are a few pointers.

3. Watermelon

What’s the best thing about watermelon? Well, you don’t need to be under any restriction regarding the serving size.

4. Gooseberry

Gooseberries or amla is refreshing and medicinal. Use them as achaar or consume as juice, this is one of the best fruit choices to go with summer.

5. Peaches

They are sweet and the most creative fruits to play around with, gastronomically. Get your brainstorming!

6. Prickly Pears

These are typically found during the later months of summer. There are many ways to cook with prickly pear cactus pads, here are a few to choose from.

These fruits will add a beautiful flare to your daily nourishment and make sure you enjoy everything you eat.



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