Intimacy, attraction and sex are driven by several factors such as strength, timing, energy and biological senses. A less have been discussed about enhancing experiences of our biological senses like taste and smell. We’e compiled a list of foods that can make your various parts fragrant and delicious:


Apples have numerous benefits on human body. It might keep a doctor away but it will definitely bring your partner much more closer to you. This is because of the natural detergent property that apple possess which helps in fighting against bad breath. Biting an apple flushes out plaque and other harmful bacterias from your mouth.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits helps to eliminate smells that are on your skin. Acid present in these fruits get absorbed by the body and makes your body smell pleasant and fruity. Citrus fruits also contains fibre, which moves through your system slowly and flush out toxins that develop body odor.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is a magic potion to get rid of foot odour. It kills bacteria and dries excess sweat, two main causes of foot odor. Apple Cider Vinegar has plenty of acetic acid and phenolics and is really an effective and cheap cure.


Lemons are rich in vitamin C and electrolytes. It helps to improve body odor. Lemons are antioxidant in nature and help detox the body as they are strong, acidic and have disinfectant abilities. Some people even use its bacteria killing juice to wipe their pits to get rid of body odor.


There cannot be anything as beneficial and versatile as water. It not only keeps us healthy but also keeps us smelling better. Water flushes out harmful toxins and substances that cause us to smell. You must increase the intake of fruits and vegetables that has high water intake to reduce body odor.

White Fish

Its a fact that eating white fish will not make you smell better, but atleast it doesn’t make you smell. Cod, halibut and tilapia are kind of white fishes that unlike red meat would not give off any body odour. According to a study published in the Journal of Chemical Senses, unpleasant body odours are not released when human body metabolises fish.


Ginger is great for dealing with upset stomachs which is a major cause of bad breath and neutralises it. A combination of pressed ginger with lemon juice and warm water creates a great rinse to keep unpleasant odor away.

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