Unlike carbohydrates and fats, proteins are not involved in ATP production required for providing energy but they play a very important role in metabolism, building your muscles and strengthening them and so a proper and optimal intake of proteins becomes very important. While you’re sweating in the gym stressing and straining your muscles during your strength training hours, a diet rich in high quality of proteins becomes a primary necessity for those contracted muscles to recover. The built up of proteins in your body over time then provides strength and lean mass. Instead of popping protein supplements switching over to the natural sources add on to the combination of vitamins and minerals which complement such proteins.

1. LEGUMES: These low on energy and high on proteins include beans, peas and lentils. These are also enriched with vitamins, macronutrients like magnesium and carbohydrates that boost up the metabolism, enhance bone heath and red blood cells (RBC) count.

2. SEAFOOD: Seafood is known to be rich in omega 3 and is low in saturated fat that clogs the artery causing atherosclerosis. It is said to be an ideal source of protein. It is fortified with minerals like selenium which has antioxidant properties required for enzymatic reactions.

3. CHICKEN BREASTS: Their servings consist of only 94 calories and it is known to be one of the leanest sources of proteins. Skinless chicken breasts can be easily cooked with some low calorie spices and low fat cheese.

4. WHOLE GRAINS: These are available in form of cereals, bread, rice, corn, oats, quinoa etc. These are low in calories and high on energy. They make up a highly nutritious food and salads which can be spiced up too. Cooked in broth they satisfy your urge and build your muscles too.

5. EGG WHITES AND EGGS: These are the most easily available and highest source of proteins. These are enriched with amino acids that are building blocks for proteins in your body. Starting your day with omelet will keep you full and provide you all the necessary minerals and proteins. Egg whites keep a check on your cholesterol levels nourishing your body with necessary fibers.

A bowel of high protein is exactly what your body demands after a tough weight lifting session at the gym. This makes you stronger for the day making you hit the gym harder the next day.

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