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Immunity has become the talk of the town, especially in the times of COVID 19. And the best way to strengthen it is to reduce incorrect food intake. 

While we do love some foods to help us reduce stress and enjoy life, they might not be doing their best to keep us healthy. Excess sugar, salt, oils, and more can slowly weaken your immunity. 

And a weak immunity is susceptible to diseases and can also slow down the healing processes. So how to know which foods can lower your immunity?

Let us find out:


Caffeine Overdose Can Reduce Immunity


Coffee is always an energetic cup of drink that can make your mornings worth it. However, overconsumption of coffee is a no-no. 

When you drink coffee in excess daily, it can cause indigestion, stomach to bloat, and stomach upset. Moreover, the caffeine present in coffee is a diuretic which can make you feel pukish.

Instead, opt for fresh juices and some green tea that are healthier substitutes. 


Ice Creams’ a No-No When it Comes to Immunity


Irrespective of age, ice cream is everyone’s favorite little dessert-snack. It is soft and creamy, with some sugary chunks, and can make a day. 

However, it is full of saturated fats that can lead to a spike in sugar and worsen conditions for those with diabetes. The excessive cream, sugar, and preservative content in cheese is best avoided. 

Instead, you can freeze whole fruits, cut them, and enjoy them with some honey. 


Consuming Excess Alcohol Can Hit Immunity


The adverse effects of alcohol on your immunity can strip you of your health and fitness. Not only does it affect your heart health but also can lead to high blood pressure.
Moreover, for people with cardiovascular disease, frequent swigs can lead to sudden death if they are not careful enough.

Instead, opt for healthier berry juices such as cranberries that are also good for your eyes


More Immunity? Lesser Jams and Jellies




A bit of fruity jam spread over a toasted bread slice sounds heavenly for breakfast. However, its excessive sugar content can make your insides feel just the opposite.

Jellies contain heaps of sugars and syrups, which can lead to inflammation. Moreover, they can also cause your white blood cell production to weaken, leading to compromised immunity. 

Hence to keep a good count of cholesterol and white blood cells, opt for healthier options like toasts with a side of fresh fruits. 

Try these methods, and you can improve your immunity in no time. 

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