Alcohol Athelio

Sometimes, we all want to just lounge, relax, and have a drink or two with our loved ones. And this can be alcohol!

While it is best to drink alcohol in moderation, we need to choose the right foods to combat the amount we drink. 

And even the slightest inebriations can end up with us choosing the wrong meal items to go with a glass of this fizzy drink.

So, let us today check out the food combinations that we should avoid while drinking a glass of our favorite alcohol, or even a shot!

Because as you know, being drunk should never mean being irresponsible:



Milk Alchohol Athelio

This might be one of the worst combinations for Saturday night fun. 

Dairy products like milk and cheese can cause gas and indigestion irritating your stomach lining. 

And if you are drunk while ingesting cheesy products, there are higher chances of getting sick. 



Sourbread Alchohol Athelio

Bread contains yeast, and in combination with beer can cause bloating and gas. 

More so as beer also contains yeast. By doing so, you are setting off an indigestion spree that might ruin your night out with the buds.



Darkchocolate Alcohol Athelio

While this sounds like a luxurious and even romantic combination, you can vouch for it to be a disastrous couple.

Chocolate contains caffeine, something that can make you feel energetic, but also gassy.

Therefore, when you combine chocolate with other foods during drunk sessions, it is an unhealthy choice.


Salty Fries+Alcohol

Alcohol Fries Athelio

Fries are a crowd favorite. be it chips, nachos, churros, you cannot have just one. However, fries contain an abundance of salt. 

And when you have too much salt, that is a high amount of sodium, it is an unhealthy choice.

Moreover, sodium in salt can make you feel thirsty, needing another glass of drink. 

Over-consumption of alcohol is as unhealthy as salt in fries. 



Food Combination Candies Athelio

Candies are quite similar to fries, in terms of ingredients content. Just like fries have salt, candies have too much sugar. 

And while sugar is an unhealthy choice for many, it can also make you parched after some bites. Meaning, you might need more drinks, making you getting sick with time. 

Hence, staying away from these foods is the best option when you are drunk. And do remember to drink responsibly.

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