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Food is fun. Food is experimental. You can do so much with an infinite variety of ingredients. In the culinary world, nothing is impossible or out of reach.

Through social media and adventures, we find many odd combinations of food, funky to look at and possibly quite a quirk in taste. But in the haste, we might blend two ingredients that don’t go so well, for health or by tate.

Let us look through a few examples as warnings.

1. Oatmeal with Milk and Orange Juice

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Both are different kinds of drinks. While orange juice is acidic, it is digested quickly. But milk with all it protein content takes more time to digest. Moreover, orange juice will curdle the milk, spoiling the meal altogether. This slows down the process of digestion altogether.

2. Chicken and Milk

They do not have any dire effect on the body when consumed together. We should keep in mind that both chicken and milk are well-supplied with protein. Eating them in one go just increases the protein content in the body. This might lead to an increase in uric acid in the body. Best method to consume both is to provide yourself an hour gap between both.

3. Watermelon and Tea

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Milk and watermelon are quite sweet and refreshing individually. But together, might give you more gas and less soothing. If you wish to go for shakes, ignore watermelon as a flavor if given. This combination makes digestion uncomfortable and makes your stomach feel irritated than calmed. Watermelon juice with no milk makes up for a refreshing drink.

4. Eggs and Tea

Tea and egg are breakfast classics. But not all good combos are the best for health. While post workout, you’d need a bit of refreshment from the tea and replenish your protein content through eggs. But the tannic acid in tea, when mixed with protein of eggs, make the digestion process slow, making you constipated with an irritable bowel. For better results, drink tea early in the morning, followed by a few eggs post-workout.

5. Beans and Cheese

Beans Meal Athelio Cm

Beans and cheese together can be a bad combo, even as a snack item. But it is not the beans that causes the problems in digestion. The dairy protein with the beans can cause severe bloating instantly, making you feel uncomfortable rather than satisfied and filling. This snack combo should be well avoided in order to have a smooth course meal.

6. Soy Milk and Honey

For someone under a vegan food regime, soy milk is essential for their daily calcium, protein and magnesium intake. But in order to go healthy, so someone sipping tea or juice with soy milk would want a sweetener that does not affec the health, honey. Unfortunately, soy milk and honey, when blended and consumed, causes problems in our auditory system and eyesight.

7. Tomato and Pasta

Tomato And Pasta Athelio Com

Tragic. But true. Our favorite Italian combo might not be best for the system. This is because tomato is acidic in nature while pasta is a starchy carb. It can be quite dangerous to mix something acidic o a carb-based ingredient. Your meal, with these two combined will be too heavy to digest, making you feel fatigued and lazy post-meal.

8. Seafood with Fruits

This might sound as the most tropical dish but if you think about it, might be too quirky for culinary choices. Tannin in fruits are an insoluble compound, This with fish will might make you feel pukish and sick immediately. A plate of freshly cut fruits, 3 to 4 hours after a seafood lunch is a safer option.

Other than combo disasters, being aware which ingredients you’re allergic to helps out in keeping a healthy and safe daily meal routine.


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