You’re in the gym; standing there with your toned body but you doesn’t feel your muscles to be flexible enough. Instead they are turned into rigid muscle mass. Flexibility and mobility is something that certain equipments can help in attaining. That is why we introduce you with a new fitness product; Flex Disc. With the caption turn movement not muscle is exactly what they follow. Flex disc are used for body-weight training and enhance your overall core and muscle strength through its omni-directional movements of rolling platforms working towards an overall body fitness of better mobility, stability, balance and strength.

Product Overview

The more flexible you are; less injuries you encounter while training. Flex Disc created by a San Diego based fitness enthusiast gives a 360 degree rotation access for all grades of exercises involving lunges, pilates, stretching exercises, enhancing upper body and lower body strength and resistance, core training, coordination between movements and balance improving your flexibility throughout. It can be used for almost every exercise challenging your muscles during every workout providing you with unparalleled power, motor control and mobility.

Features :

The product constructed of grade quality polyurethane is a disc attached with rollers to its bottom. These disc can work on any type of surface like rubber, cement, wood and carpet. These discs provide more than gliding and sliding movements while performing dynamic or stationary exercises. It is supplemented with twist lock and self bearing handle design allowing turning disc into push up bars for push and pulling exercises. The product consists of resistance bands which can be attached to the eccentric disc in order to toughen your exercises by providing loaded resistance. Rubber pads can be added for protection of joints form injury. It can be attached with any equipment through its attachment points challenging you into a straining workout.

Combining with Exercises:

It can be used to train any type of personnel ranging from professional players to the military officers and from physical therapy to dance and gymnastics. It can be used in combination with core exercises like mountain climber, beer crawl, plank roll, hinge plank and pushups. Also these are be used while performing cable resistance exercises, mobility enhancing upper and lower body exercises and many more. It converts your normal exercises into challenging ones.

My Review And Final Verdict:

I highly recommend the product for people who aren’t afraid of implementing new products into their workouts. It is an excellent, durable and quality product having multiple applications. So try this product if you are into heavy and strenuous workouts. I have recently bought this product from their official site flexdiscfit.com.

Don’t be afraid to push yourself further because the miles you attain will map your body with its results.

Image Source: flexdiscfit

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