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In this technological world, you would need help from technology apart from your own physical fitness to keep up your health. Technology has now become a necessity. Also, weight loss apps are incredibly trending nowadays. They have the ability to keep the records on your intake and fitness routines. These are not only easy to use but also gives a lot of benefits. Self-monitoring also promotes weight loss immensely. These 10 apps are sure to get your unwanted pounds out of your body!

1. Calorie Counter By My Fitness Pal:

Calorie Counter By My Fitness Pal Athelio

It has ‘Quick Add’ feature that you can use when you know the calories you ate but don’t have the time to add the details. Although the premium version requires a fee, the basic version is free of cost. Entering data may be time-consuming which can be one of the disadvantages. You can find it here.

2. Freestyle By Weight Watchers :

Its ‘Journey’ tab keeps you motivated. It provides details and graphs to keep a track of progress over time. The “connect page” also helps fitness on a community level while interacting with others. It costs $8.92 USD per week to attend meetings whereas it costs around $3.91 USD per week for the online program. You can find more details on their site.

3. Fooducate Nutrition Tracker:

Fooducate Nutrition Tracker Athelio

It gives you dieting goals. It also keeps track of exercises and calorie intake. You can also check food items for allergens like gluten with a monthly subscription. even though this app is free, a paid upgrade is needed to run it. This app works both on android and ios you can download the required one from here.

5. Cron-o-meter:

It can track more nutrient which can help you improve your nutrient intake. It has an extensive intake amount of information including data like blood pressure and cholesterol. A very user-friendly app. You can also ask questions in the blogs that are posted. It is free to use but you will have to pay if you want to use gold services. You can find out more from their website.

6. FatSecret:

It has an immense nutrition database and also includes information about another foodstuff that is usually hard to find. It can not only track your daily calorie intake but also can display your monthly calorie average which is helpful in keeping track of your progress. Easy to sign up and free of cost.

7. LoseIt!

It has a team of experts who verify the food information. Easy to sign up and no cost unless you need a premium version. You can sync it with other apps. It, however, doesn’t keep track of vitamins and minerals.

8. Fitbit:

It provides you a lot of information which helps you keep track of your weight and health goals. They are easy to use and keeps you motivated. However, the only disadvantage is that you would need to buy a Fitbit device which can be rather expensive. You can get more details about Fitbit from here.

These apps make your life even simpler! You don’t need to check your doorstep for a newspaper to get health tips or diet plans. It is now all one click away. All you need to know is which apps are beneficial and which are not. Once you get to know about it, try to use it to its maximum!

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