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Depression can be terrible if not treated within time. Since childhood, our symptoms were signs of laziness but with time and study, we see the differences.
Depression is clinical and requires counseling and understanding at the best.
There are, however, a few little changes in life which help us fight through this hard time.

1. Express Freely

Express Freely Athelio Com

Do not hide your emotions from people. Let people know how you’re feeling. If planning an outing is too overwhelming for you, let the friends and family know. Explain to them so there is no misunderstanding. Family and friends will understand their loved one’s needs.

2. Accept Your Changes

Accepting the few changes in your lifestyle during depression can help you combat them. Do not force yourself to, ‘get back to normal’ by running away. In fact, accept that your hunger is lesser but the body needs nutrition. This will help you balance out the priorities.

3. Challenge the Negative Feelings

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Don’t run away from fears. If you have the sudden fear of speaking to your colleagues lest they judge you, shrug it off. Go up and speak to them. Relax, breathe and let out the negative thoughts. You can combat anything that comes your way.

4. Forgive errors

You are a human and to err is quite human. If you feel the activities you do daily are getting too much of a burden, do not guilt-trip yourself to have them done. A paper can get jammed in the printer and it isn’t your fault. Don’t beat yourself up for simple mistakes when you’re down.

5. Love and Acceptance

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If you’re worried about why people around you aren’t as accepting as close ones, ask yourself, ‘am I accepting myself enough?’ You asserting your self-love helps in dealing with the empty feeling inside. If anyone mocks your situation, you can tell that your control over the situation makes you the stronger person.

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