Get Fit In 5 Days

I’m sure you must have seen those 5 days fat to fit transformation ads on random websites. I know these are as believable as the message where you keep on winning $100,000 lottery prize every day.

But if not in 5 days, people around us have been doing it in a matter of months. Every morning I walk to my office and watch thousands of people sweating, heaving and barely breathing yet continuing the routine with perseverance. However, its not that you’ll have to start directly with gym or heavy workouts.

You can start with involving small changes in your daily routine and step up your game, gradually. I bring to you 5 easy ways and few hacks which won’t transform you in 5 days, but they will certainly get you from ‘wondering about getting fit’ to just ‘getting fit’.

Here we go:


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You might be an enthusiastic & a wonderful performer at your work but sitting on the chair whole day long is doing a lot of damage to your body. Your body needs some pumping, action and activity, everyday. Pick any sport of your choice be it – tennis, volleyball, swimming or start getting indulged in cardio centric activities like dancing. Make it a daily routine to spend one hour on this.


Instead of going for intense running altogether, start with casual jogging. When you find your comfortable speed, try squeezing in small portions of fast-paced running. Gradually try shifting to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) programs. It can not only help you lose weight but also will build your stamina.

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Fitness is not just about your body. You need to keep your mind fit as well. Meditation give you flexibility and tranquillity while yoga is like a soothing lotion that freshens you from the core and removes lethargy and dullness from your otherwise automated life. Apart from your usual yoga and meditation sessions you can try variations like ujjayi breath, yoga followed by a meditation session back to back.

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Drink, but water

We often undermine the importance of drinking water. An average person should be drinking at least 2 litres of water everyday. Scientifically water retrains your fat cells to release excess calories and gradually, gets you in shape. Here are
few hacks if you are finding it hard to finish your quota for the day-

You can add any herb, lemon slice, mint leaves or just pinch of salt or any other flavor to make it easy to drink your daily quota of water. Instead of gulping it down all at once start sipping it at regular intervals.

We have a common tendency of drinking water after we eat, but experts say that taking water before eating is much better because it curbs your appetite.

Don’t resist. Eat

Eat responsibly. Yes, I’ve seen people cutting on their diet without understanding the science and logic behind it. You need to understand the rule of thumb – “You would only gain weight if your calorie intake is more than your calorie burn”. Try including nutritional food and try to limit in your calorie limit. You can check your daily calorie requirement here. However, you must eliminate junk food, processed food and processed sugar from your diet as soon as possible.

Fitness is not a state, nor it should be a goal. It is a continual process, adopt it as a habit, or rather, adapt to it. And while you do that, keep visiting us for more inspiring stuff like this!

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