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Eye is actually considered to be the most seductive part of your body! During 90s it was much easier to put on eye makeup. As they just had to put on ‘Kajal’ to their eye to make it look pretty.

But now that we have all different types of products we tend to get confused as to what is the right manner to use them. These tips will surely help you out through this. Putting eye makeup is not easy nowadays. Also it tends to get smudged up real fast. Whether you are a person who has been constant in make up tradition or a newbie, this article will help you greatly.

1. Eyeliner Tips:

Believe it or not, eyeliner is the most basic eye make up. I mean for me eyeliner is the only thing that can lighten up my face. But it needs some methods and techniques to get it right, which I can say is not everyone’s cup of tea! You can try various shapes of eye line on your eyes. Also it majorly depends on what type of eyeliner you use and what texture it has.

  • First of all, ensure that your eyes are clean before starting any eye make up on your eyes. Then take care to apply a suitable primer to make sure your make up stays longer.
  • To make it look natural, you could try applying it really close to the eye line. This is called tight-lining. Make a dot from inner to the outside of your eyes and try joining them.
  • Making sure that the tip is thin is of great importance as you do not want your whole eyelids coloured by black.
  • Smoky eye effect is to be done by using a pencil liner as they are softer on your eyes and are also easy to use. Smudging is also easy when use them.
  • Always try tilting your head upwards and then applying eyeliner to ensure symmetry.

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2. Mascara Tips:

Giving a oomph! is what mascara does to your eyes. Mascara makes you look more beautiful and look. It is a total game changer and is up for anyone who needs a little amount of drama. This is how you can get a bang-on mascara.

  • Remember to start from the roots to the tips of your lashes. This volumizes your lashes while also making them look beautiful.
  • Waiting for ten seconds is a must if you don’t wanna look like you’ve been preparing for Halloween!
  • Curling lashes to give an extra effect before you go on with applying mascara. Doing this with care is recommended.
  • When you hold you mascara wand take care to hold it horizontally for thicker lashes while vertically for a more natural look.
  • This application of mascara should be the last step to get it done perfectly.

3. Eyebrow Tips:

I cannot even say about what it does to you. The shape of your eyebrow can actually take the eye make up to a whole next level. But if not done properly can end up making you look like a clown. But when it comes to getting your eyebrows done properly, it can be considered as a bit of a difficult task.

  • There are a number of products that you choose from, this should be of a colour that matches your hair colour.
  • Keeping them as natural as possible is a great way to look put together.
  • Using a highlighter below your brow can really define the arch and make it even more dramatic.
  • The best also the secret tip is to make use of an angled stiff brush to fill in your eyebrows with matte brown eyeshadow.

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4. Eyeshadow Tips:

Depth and dimension can be obtained by applying eyeshadow to your eyes. If its applied properly it will help accentuate your eye along with your eye colour.

  • Getting high quality products might be difficult for some, but if you can get one then great! They will go a long way and will be easy for application as well.
  • Using a good primer is a must before applying eyeshadow to keep it running all day long.
  • Starting from the lash line use a darker colour and then in the middle region go for a medium shade and the top region light colour can be used.

Hope these tips work out great for everyone! definitely try these out and make sure to tell them to your friends as well!

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