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Aging is a graceful journey full of learning about and loving yourself more and more. Through experience, we might ripen our knowledge, but the sparkle might no be present on our skins.

Part 2 Exercise To Remove Aging Sign

With aging, fine lines, wrinkles and droopy eye bags are not the best things to look back at in the mirror. But going under the knife may not be cost-effective a step for many, it being not a very pocket-friendly option. That only brings us to the last and effective resort, facial exercises. Exercising has various positive effects on the body, let us look through a few points note-worthy of them:

Here are the 5 advantages of Anti-aging exercises

  • Helps reducing wrinkles
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Provides a tighter and smoother skin
  • Lifts sagging skin and tone it
  • Improves collagen production

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Anti-Aging Workouts

1. Cheek Blow-out

* Puff up your cheeks with enough air to fill your mouth

* Transfer the air from one cheek to another in a repeated process

* Continue doing so 8-10 times

2. Surprise Surprise

Surprised Face Exercise Athelio Com

* Widen your eye brows up and open your mouth to a big circle

* Stretch out eyebrows and mouth as much as you can

* Keep this for about 5 seconds and repeat it for 10 counts

3. Try a Frown

* Put your index fingers on the outer ends of the frowns.

* Place your middle fingers on the inner ends of the frowns as well.

* Bring the brows down and begin to squint in the process.

* Hold in position for about 2 seconds each before releasing them.

4. Neck Raise

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* Raise your head up stretching up the neck in the process
* Keep your chin pointed straight out
* Stick out your tongue towards the nose
* Keep this tight stance for 25 seconds and release hold

5. Put a Smile on Your Face

Beautiful Smiling Woman Athelio Com

* Smile widely without opening your mouth

* Squint down your nose to a small wrinkle

* Pout out your lips

* Put a little pressure on the chin and pull it down without opening the mouth

* Retain this expression for 5 seconds and return to normal expression.

* Repeat 10 times

6. Chin Up

Platysma is the muscle which keeps our chins toned an tight, helping with a sharp jawline. Let us look into how to retain the feature:

* Look up at the ceiling and stretch up your neck

* Place the tip of your tongue at the mouth roof

* This will make you feel the neck and chin muscles being pulled up

* Keep your tongue pressed in that process for 30 seconds then regain normal stature

7. Slow Breathe out

Slow Breathing To Remove Sign Of Aging Athelio

* Inhale deeply through your mouth till its filled fully with air

* Extend the cheeks to hold the air in

* Hold the position for one minute slowly breathing out through your nose

This exercise helps helps increasing blood circulation in the skin and tone the facial muscles to remove age lines and wrinkles.

Simple and casual exercises will bring about a toned face and healthy glow to the skin which age does not have to hide. Try the workouts and check the positive results that steadily show off the ageless beauty that you are.

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