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If your fitness goal include that shirt or dress to be worn perfectly, this is the article for you. What is the first thing we see in a clothe we like, if it fits us, if our stomach and curves loo toned. But how about our arms.

You’ll notice that arms bulge up faster alongside our waist, giving it a flabby look which can have many of your favorite clothing options get stuck around the shoulders. But worry not, these few exercises will ensure your arms are toned and ready for whichever choice you fling out from the wardrobe.

Following are 3 of arms exercises with equipment and 3 using none.


1. Dumb-Bell Lateral Raise

  • Stand shoulder-length apart with two dumb-bells in hand
  • Bring your hands forth in-front of your thighs, holding them inward
  • Raise your arms to your sides, keeping it for a second
  • Lower the arms down back to beginning position
  • Try this 15 times in 2 reps

2. Standing Biceps Cable Curls

  • Grab the curlers, your balms facing up
  • Be sure to stand close to the curler so there is no sprain in the shoulders when lifting
  • Keeping back straight, curl up the cable, chin height
  • Do not stoop the shoulders down while doing so
  • Try this for 10 times for 3 reps

3. Forward Dumb-Bell Raise

  • Stand with shoulder length apart and hold dumb-bells in each hand
  • Bring your hand forward in-front of your thighs
  • Keeping your back straight, bring up the dumb-bells parallel to your shoulder height
  • Bring them down and continue for 12 counts in 2 reps

Reduce Arm Fat without Equipment

1. Arms Swing Exercise

  • Raise your elbows parallel to your waist, facing back
  • Pull your elbows back
  • Cross your elbows near your chest and bring them back again
  • Continue this for 15 counts in 2 reps

2. Shoulder Rotation Exercise

  • Place your fingers on each shoulders, elbows facing out
  • Rotate your elbows clockwise for 10 times and anti clockwise for 10 times more
  • Try this at least twice per day

3. Arms Circle Exercise

  • Stretch your arms out on each side
  • Rotate your arms clockwise for 10 counts
  • Next 10 counts, rotate them in anti-clockwise pattern
  • Try this twice a day for best results.

These exercises will make sure your arms fat is shed and substituted with tone and shapely arms.



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