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Tight and voluminous buttocks are in and we are surely going to follow this new trend. This new fitness routine for stronger glutes is more than just a lifestyle, as it provides a proper support to the upper body by keeping the glutes and thighs strong.

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We’ve been watching the celebrities confidently flaunting their ever- perfect physique and wondered how.,Well today, we’ll be answering just that dream question. Let’s look through the few advisable tips.

1. Bulgarian Split Squats

  • Stand with a short tool behind your legs
  • Place back the right leg on a stool, more pressure on the heel for support and stability
  • Keep the left feet a little ahead and bend it down, knee going parallel to your toes each time
  • This will allow the hind leg to bend over the feet
  • Try this exercise for 20 counts in 2 reps

2. Donkey High Kicks

  • Bring your body down on all fours
  • Keeping the body parallel to the ground raise your right leg back up, knee still bent
  • Your feet should be pointed up, glutes putting a pressure on the lower buytocks
  • Bring the leg down to raise the alternate leg
  • Exercise this pose 15 times for 3 reps

3. Dumbbell Step Ups

  • Have a medium height bench in-front of you and stand with dumbbells in each hand
  • Climb up the bench with the dumbbells in hand
  • Slowly straighten out your left leg and let it off the bench to step down
  • Make sure the shoulders remain in place while the body oves down partially
  • Using your right leg that is on bench bent, raise your body up, bringing the left leg to stand straight
  • Continue this for 10 reps each leg

4. Glute Bridge and Leg Raises

  • On a mat, lie down with your arms extended from the shoulders on each side
  • Bring the knees to bend, heels pressed to the ground
  • Lift up one leg to extend out straight and raise your glutes
  • Now continue to raise the glutes and bring it down all while the leg is raised
  • Try this for 10 counts in each leg

5. Lateral Lunges

  • Stand with your legs apart, each far from the shoulders
  • Squat down to the right side bending your knees
  • Make sue to extend the left knee out as you bend
  • Rise up and squat to the alternate side
  • Make sure to do 10 steps in 3 reps

6. One-Legged or Pistol Squats

  • While standing, raise left leg to your front, making sure it is straight
  • Balance your entire body on the  right leg, if needed, grab hold of a pole to steady yourself
  • Squat down on the leg at ground using the pole to lower your glutes
  • Make sure to keep the body straight
  • Rise up and attempt for another go
  • Try for 10 counts in 2 reps as beginning steps

These exercises when attempted regularly, will give that Brazilian Booty lift naturally as you’ve dreamed off.

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