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We strive to achieve our fittest and best. Be it with healthy diets of an hour or workouts per day. Our workloads increase more while growing up. Visiting the gym before or after work can be quite straining.

So which is the best time for workouts in our daily hectic lives? Simple, just a minute!

Our bodies are designed in a way that it sweats out excess through even a minute of the intensive workouts such as HIIT workouts. HIIT workouts strive to keep the body heat up by making us exercise at a high speed within a small amount of time.

This includes running on a treadmill at the highest speed for 30 seconds and hopping on the pedals right after. The burnout will be similar to a 40 minutes casual jogging at the park.

Woman Jogging In A Park Athelio Exercise Hacks

HIIT workouts have laid a platform for incorporating different ideas of workout which can sustain our fitness regime within our chores. We can put in various exercises which fit our time, body, health and habits.

Here are 2 examples of exercises which will take a minute of your day but burn enough calories to keep you fit.

1. 1 Minute of Skip Rope

If you’ve jump-roped before as a child, this will be a beneficial treat. Breathe in and out 5 times and initiate skipping. Go as fast as you can for 1 minute and stop right after. The burn¬†from skipping rope is intensive and helps to reduce weight when done regularly. There are many forms of skip-ropes which help to keep you fit.

2. Running Stairs

Sprinting on stairs can have you huffing by the 2nd floor but in the long run, benefits you tremendously. Using elevators and automatic stairs have robbed us of the ability to use stairs as a common activity. If you work at a building with stairs, opt for the climbs. Begin by jogging up, clocking yourself to reach a certain floor within your desired time gap. Increase the speed and decrease the time gap. This will lead you to sprint faster, reaching higher floors within a minute or two.

Running Up Stairs Athelio Com

3. Siping Small amount of Water

Drinking a small amount of water between the sets hydrates your muscle properly and helps you do more repetition easily. It also prevents the muscle soreness as lactic acid get removed from your body with the water.

Siping Water In Gym Athelio During Breaks

Try these easy steps and you’ll see better results in terms of health and results.

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