Enhance Your Workout With These Warm Up Sequences Athelio

We all can agree that our workout schedules are individual goals. They are curated especially to be at par with the kind of physique we wish to achieve.

It never hurts to add a little extra hustle to level the workouts up a notch. Let us speak about warmup. It is a personal all-time favorite, helps burn calories faster and also, conveniently customizable. Without further ado, here are the few cardio workouts you can use as a perfect warmup.

1. Burpees

– While standing straight, lean the entire body down and kick back your legs
– Pull the legs in and leave the hands off the floor, jumping up briskly
– Repeat the process all over again.
– Try this exercise 10-15 times.

Burpees Athelio Com

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2. Double Unders

– Keep the jumping rope behind your feet.
– Do normal single jump rope twice and a double rope on each 3rd jump
– Double rope means that you jump high and let the rope swing round twice quickly
– Try 50 double ropes (in 3rd alternate)

Jump Rope Athelio Com

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3. 400-meter run

– Head up for the treadmill and crank up your speed
– Begin with brisk walking, heading on to short jogs
– Begin running when the body catches on to the tempo
– Try completing 350-400 meters run

Treadmill Running Athelio Com

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4. Pull-ups

– Hold on to the pull-ups bars firmly and hoist yourself off the ground
– Bend your legs and cross the knees for better balance
– Raise the body up with the help of your arms
– Bring it down and repeat 10 times.

Pull Ups Athelio Com

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These warmup sequences will take minimum time and fit into the schedule perfectly with other regimes. They will also help your body to get better output during the workout.

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