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Castor Oil has been our mothers’ favorite remedy for our skin during the growing age. The ‘baby oil’ we were pampered in was nothing but a dash of castor oil and lots of love.

Castor oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, helpful in keeping you healthy and glowing. Let us look through the wonders of this magical oil that prevails its curing properties, whatever our age may be.

1. Helps in Fading Wrinkles

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Castor oil revamps the skin upon massaging over. helping in blood flow that helps in providing oxygen to the skin.  Castor oil is light and moisturizing, with anti-oxidants helping reach the deepest parts of your skin, helping heal damaged cells and curing off wrinkles. When they skin feels refreshed, a fresh glow of youth is a natural aftereffect.

2. Helps in Hair Regrowth

Castor oil is best known to prevent dandruff, flaked skin from dry scalps that prevent oil balance. With its omega 3 content, castor oil improves blood circulation on the scalp that helps in regrowth of follicles. It Can be f huge help if you wish for a quick aid to thicker and longer hair in a short amount of time.

3. Helps with Our Cuticles

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Most of us have succumbed to the bad habit of chewing our nails. Moreover, we really do not provide aftercare for painted nails. Most of these nail colors have chemicals that harm the skin and cuticles, harming the heath. Massaging the cuticles with castor oil thrice a week helps keeping fungal and bacterial infections at bay. Also, it provides a natural shine to the nails that is stripped off the cuticles.

4. Makes your Hands Softer

If your palms are dried up from everyday work and feels like the dry scales are making the surface rough, castor oil is the answer. The oil helps in collagen formation on the palms and fingers, making the skin softer and supple. The patchy areas in the skin, with daily overnight use can be reduced and relieved.

5. Helps in Making Your Ankles Smoother

The recipe to heal off flaky skin from from your ankles is simple and soothing. Ad in lemon juice to warm castor oil and massage your heals in an upward circular motion. This helps in soothing the cracked heels and smoothen the dry skin of heels. Keep this mixture on your ankles for 10-15 minutes before cleaning it off.

6. Helps with Thicker Eyebrows

Thick eyebrows are so in and we need to know how! Rich in nutrients and minerals, castor oil helps with growth on eyebrow follicles and nourish them enough to keep them soft and thick. It also makes sure that the follicles presen are also growing and strengthening.

Usage of castor oil should be depending on the sensitivity of your skin. Make sure to consult a dermatologist before daily usage.



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