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Our fitness goals begin at the 31st of last year, which of course can either make us fitter as months go by or get excused with, ‘tomorrow morning for sure’. But with the end of the year coming close, promises are meant to be kept.

With Christmas round the corner, it is high time we gift ourselves something that can change our lives forever, confidence. To be confident in how you look and love yourself transcends any other materialistic gift box there can be. So this fall season, why not rev up and try a few tricks to get yourself into feeling healthy and strong.

1. Brush in a Rush

Brushing Teeth Athelio Com

This is the calmest moment in the morning. Let us make it work. While your’re brushing your teeth, balance yourself on one leg for 10-15 seconds. This will make you gain balance on your body. Whilst doing this, alter your legs within 15 seconds to gain momentum in both.

2. Track on Trademill

Mostly, we go for comfort in most activities. But during workouts, comfort has no place. Its sweat and determination. Now that the drastic summer has left us for good, time to increase the speed on your treadmill and let the sweat flow. Track jogging on a trade-mill will burn more calories and let you body heat up, using your energy for the best. 15 seconds of brisk walking followed by sprints and jogs, this alternate track will keep your burn to the max.

3. Bring a Pal

Morning Jog Friend Athelio Com

Every part of our lives lighten up with a buddy. Be it our school, college or work-place. Gym buddy is hat extra but vital motivation that everyone needs. They will not only inspire you to work harder but motivate you to compete their progress and vice-vesra. After all, what is a friend for, if not for your best.

4. Shake it Off

Dancing is the purest form of exercise as everything about it is rhythmic, beautiful and pleasant. With autumn and many occasions round the corner, bring out your dancing shoes and go for a spin with your flame or just a friend. twirl gracefully or jazz it up like John Travolta in Pulp Fiction. Either way, you’ll have some calories burnt as well as all eyes on you.

5. Under the Sheets

Bed Workout Athelio Com

Yes, will to workout begins after you finally leave your bed but why not a few tricks before-hand. If the mind says no on this chilly morning, use your comfort zone for most effects. There are many exercises, all that are done on a mat lying down, which are fully customizable to be tried in bed. Follow this to for a quick read on the workouts you can try out in bed. 

6. Tummy Tucks

We often sit and do almost nothing, say in a traffic jam or during the morning or evening coffee break. Utilize this time with some tummy tucks. Simply breathe in and tuck your tummy in for 5-10 seconds before leaving it to natural shape. This will give the core some strength and let you burn a few calories on the go.

7. Walk Around

Workplace Workout Athelio Com

At your workplace, the table and the cushion seat is your world. But prolonged sitting and lack of movement cant be a problem when it comes to digestion, hence obesity and gas chances. Walk around when you have to take a call. At the water-stand, do more than being in one place for the juicy tidbits of info from your coworker. take them for a brisk stroll as you speak. These will not only help with digestion but let your muscles and body not have cramps or tightness from being in one position for too long

8. Breathe it Out

Breathing is more important than any amount of points we can put in. But to put in a few can be of use. Breathing helps us relieve stress in the body as well as keep as calm. Take a time off in the day for deep breathing exercises that lets you contract and extend your stomach to burn calories. Timed breathing during exercises is quite essential to let the body hold itself in balance. Make sure to breathe better for healthier life.

All in all, fall is a wonderful season to freshen up, let the party-mode let loose and just plain have fun. Do let some fun in the workout routine for a few wholesome effect.

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