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Every girl loves to experiment with hair color. Yeah, it’s fun! I like to change my hair color with season and occasion. I’ve tried them all – Reddish brown, golden brown, caramel, rose gold when I finally decided to go all pink!

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Within few moments I realized I’m going to have serious commitment issues with this. I can’t even commit to a hue deeper than pastel. Few weeks down, it started to bother me like anything. Well, it could have faded with the subsequent washes but taking into account how frequently I wash my hair, it could have taken upto 2 months.

My pink started to fade into a peach that just started to match my skin tone. I’ve always been carrying a contrast and it felt weird to me.

In order to get rid of this, I researched a bit to find out a great way to remove dye from your hair. It said that you only need two ingredients for this – Vitamin C and Shampoo. At first, I did not consider it seriously because of such a small ingredient list. But, then I thought to give it a try.

I had a bottle of powdered Vitamin C so, I mixed it up with my hair-thickening shampoo. I’ve read that clarifying shampoo is even better for this mixture. Believe me, I was amazed to see the results! This thing removes semi-permanent dye in an extremely effective manner without harming your natural color tone.

Making this Mix & Application

I mixed 1 tbsp vitamin C powder to 2 tbsp shampoo. In case you have vitamin C tablets, you can crush them up to make a powder. You’ll be needing around 10-15 tablets if you have long hair or 5-10 for short hair. I mixed these 2 ingredients to make a paste.

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Now, to apply this, you need to wet your hair first. Drape a towel around your neck (just to avoid dripping ruin your clothes) and apply the paste from your roots to all the way to hair tip and lather it. You’ll see the color dripping out immediately. After lathering your complete head, you need to let this sit there for about an hour.

Once your hour is complete, rinse it and allow it to dry. You’ll be amazed to see that you’ve got rid of almost 85% of your color. Mine changed from pastel pink to a rose-tinged blonde. You can also apply moisturizing conditioner to your hair to avoid getting dry or frizzy.

Pink Hair Athelio

How Often Can You Repeat This?

Well, it is safe to use this technique to de-color your hair, 2-3 times in a row. However, excessive exposure of your hair to vitamin C can surely harm your hair. However, repeated usage of vitamin C can make your hair dry and make your scalp itch.

After 2-3 sessions of this treatment I’m all happy to see my natural tone back. It seems that¬† I’ve never gone on a pink trip!

This article was originally written by xoJane.com and has been recreated by Athelio.

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