Staying fit isn’t just a matter of hitting the gym everyday and maintaining your diet, it is more than just the four walls around you. If you wish to stay fit and healthy you can extend your workouts than n hour also. Follow these ways to stay fit without even hitting the gym.

Always take the stairs

Well obviously technology is very trending and so easy allowing you to access everything just with your fingertips. But when you’re talking about fitness you are not allowed to take elevators. So always take stairs. Even when you have options try that you take stairs. It helps to increase your heart rate and gets your heart pumping.

Walk while you’re on phone

Now tech is so easy that you don’t have to wait for the landline calls and stay still every time. Mobile phones have let you too break those barriers putting you at ease. But if you strive to stay fit what you can try is walking while talking on phone. It’s like Talk and Walk. Sitting for very long time can lead to obesity and other health conditions.

Walk or cycle instead of driving

Now obviously who doesn’t like luxury? Adopting cars these days with all varieties to suit every income class is very easy. But if you have the ability to walk instead of driving, take its advantage. Not only does it feel refreshing but you get your heart to work some amounts for you.

Yes Hiking

With gym centres almost in every inch of the city; there are some people who do not like going to the gym every day. Rather they prefer the pureness of nature around them. So go hiking somewhere away from the bustle of the city, into the solitude and peace of green bushes. You not only get your body working but the mental satisfaction you achieve will be the best.

Playing Gully sports

Because we learned cricket not in fancy stadiums but in narrow alleys. Playing sports is always a hand on experience. Not only do you get your neighbors to know you; but refreshes you with an intense game also.

Running to the grocery store

Want to insert more steps into your day? Just walk to the grocery store. Or rather if you cant walk to it; park your car away from the store. It will get you more aerobic exercise while you walk into the store or when you walk out of it with bags in your hands.

Develop a morning routine

It’s not important that you can stay fit only at the gym. You can always develop your own set of exercises and practice them out. Fitness doesn’t comply you to spend big bucks. Just remember five elements of fitness: warm-up, cardiovascular exercises, strength training, flexibility moves and cool down.

Whether or not you choose to go to the gym, there are always ways you can stay fit with. Not limit yourselves around four walls because you have more potential than that.

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