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While fall is beautiful, romantic, and breezy, our digestive system might not comply with these aesthetics. This season can affect our digestive system, slowing it down. 

Moreover, the fall season can lead to vegetable staling quickly, and leftover foods going bad quicker if without proper preservation. It’s the beginning of the favorite season of the year, so let’s get started!


Add Fall Spices to Your Food

Spices Athelio

Spices do not always mean hot food that makes your stomach feel tight. 

Ginger, garlic, cumin seeds, and fennel have digestive properties and can help you keep stomach problems at bay. 

For example, adding a few sprinkles of cinnamon powder to your evening tea can help digest your lunch more effectively. 

You can also add these spices to your rice, daal, vegetables, and also beans. 


Try Fruits with Water and Acid

Fruits Athelio

Apples, lemon, pomegranate, and watermelon are best during the monsoon season. Moreover, you can add them in salads, or even have some of them as snacks when hunger pangs hit.

Apples and watermelons are water-based and slightly acidic. These digest easily and helps you through their nutrient-content.

Lemon is also effective for quick digestion and adds a tangy flavor to your meals. 


Make Sure Your Breakfast is Fresh

Breakfast Athelio

It is advisable to keep out last night’s reheated food from your morning meal. 

As your stomach is empty, the previous day’s re-heated food can cause stomach upset and bloating.

Instead, opt for fresh, light, and warm meals. Moreover, these do not need to be over-the-budget components. 

A bowl of porridge, upma, or stir-fried semolina boiled potatoes and peas in salt & pepper, or even some peanut-butter toast can seal the deal. 

Spice Up Your Tea

Tea Athelio

Sometimes, we depend too much on fizzy drinks or alcohol after heavy meals. And the fall season calls for both. 

However, both alcohol and fizzy beverages are unhealthy and can cause bloating.

Instead, substitute these drinks with a fresh cup of tea. You can add a bit of ginger, tulsi, cinnamon, or even cloves.

Not only will these add flavor to your cup, but help to digest your favorite meals. 

What are your fall favorite foods? Do let us know!

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