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More than 200 million people practicing yoga in daily life to improve there mental and physical health. It connects our body breath and minds. If you live in a warm climate the morning is good for you to do yoga. Morning is the coolest part of the day and gives you a better result compared to a heated evening.

Practicing yoga involves many changes in our body. It also improved the inner function of the body. These are some advantages of yoga if you do it in the morning.

Improve heart functioning

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The health of the heart is so important for the body because it pumping the blood to the whole body. By doing yoga in the morning it reduces the blood pressure.


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Yoga is a type of therapy that improves your overall lifestyle. If you practice 20 minutes of Yoga in your daily routine, it will add energy and freshness for your entire day.

Improve The Strength

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Doing yoga in the morning also helps increase your muscle strength.

Reduce Respiratory Illness

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Morning has a very low level of pollutant in the air and If you do Pranayam or Kapalbhati in the morning it will increase the capacity of lungs. High level of Oxygen also enhances the overall functioning of your body.

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