Cardio workout is a favorite ‘past-time’ for many fitness enthusiasts, as it is all about fun exercises. Meaning, you can take spinning classes, opt for aerobics, or spend 15 mins daily on the treadmill. Not to forget, cardio also includes morning jogs.

However, cardio’s ability to shed excess weight is lesser than the general expectancy. 

Let us today, understand the reason behind cardio not being the optimum weight-loss technique:


High-Intensity Cardio Burns Muscles Instead of Calories/Fat

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Muscles are important in helping boost metabolism to burn calories. However, after a high-intensity cardio workout on a treadmill, you can lose your muscle mass instead of calorie burn. 

And if the workouts are shedding muscle fiber, it shall get difficult to digest daily meals, leading to gas, bloating, and increased calorie storage. 

Instead, try lighter workouts. By doing these, your body shall have a steadier take on reducing weight, without affecting the muscle mass. 


Cardio Workout Can Make Us Hungrier

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After an hour of cardio, you will feel famished, craving to chomp down on some protein-based, salty, and sweet delicacies. 

And while seasoned fitness enthusiasts know just what to eat, post-cardio workout sessions, you might take a wrong turn from hunger.

Eating high-calorie food after cardio sessions do the opposite of fat-loss. Meaning, your next day exercise schedule is just helping reduce today’s excess weight, which is not progress. 


Our Body Has High Rate of Adaptability

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Let us take a 2 months cardio session. During the first month, you shall notice your body shedding off excess weight at a rapid pace. 

However, the 2nd month will be slow. And this is as your body is quick to adapt to your cardio workout schedule. And as it knows your body clock to be active to a certain degree daily, the calorie burn will be lesser. 

Moreover, it is not possible to try out different variations of cardio, as taking up spin classes, running, aerobics would be too much. 

So what is the solution? Well, low-intensity workouts, healthy meal-planning, and the right exercises are the right ways to improve your weight-loss journey. To know about strength training vs cardio check this out.

What is your weight-loss mantra? We would love to hear from you!

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