So you have been hitting the gym in all clean form but you exit in all sweaty look. Then there are people who tell you that more you sweat, the more calories you burn and you’re very happy that you’re sweating that much.

Turns out that sweating has nothing to do with your calories being burned. Bummer, I know! I went through the exact surprise too. There is a science behind the amount of sweat your body generate and the actual number of calories burned.

The actual reason behind your sweating process

Your body works differently in different environmental conditions. Sweat is basically a means of preventing your body temperature from rising to highly dangerous levels.

Our core temperature is always 37 degree Celsius or 98.6 deg Fahrenheit. The amount of calories burnt depends on the amount of heat generated by your body and not sweat.

When you indulge yourself in a strenuous exercise, your body’s natural core temperature rises which in turn activates the sweat glands to release a mixture of water, salt and other electrolytes. When sweat evaporates from the skin, it takes away some of the body heat with it thereby lowering down the body’s temperature.

Factors on which the amount of sweat generated depends

The amount of sweat generated depends on a number of factors like your weight, the amount of physical activity your body undergoes, your gender and the type of activity you are undertaking.

A bulkier body will generate more heat than a toned body because of the surface area difference. You sweat all day long – while in a sauna, while you’re standing under the hot sun and while you’re working out. Whenever you core temperature rises, it releases sweat.

The actual dependence of the amount of calories burnt

The amount of calories burn depends on your intensity and duration of workouts. So if you’re exercising under a hot sun, you might just as well exhaust yourself while burning enough calories.

Other than that said, you should try focusing on improving your performance and fitness rather than burning calories because ultimately your body will get toned while undergoing those.

It’s important to know the right kind of act and how to execute it. You cannot torture yourself for fruits that are not worth the enjoyment. So know what you’re doing and do it right.

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