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Kinesiology taping is of massive usage for steady healing. It soothes joint and muscle pain without the need of limiting movement of that certain areas such as bandages and belts. With breathable fibers and effective healing, these  kinesio tapes help you steady up faster.

KT Tape PRO is one such product that does just the trick. As the official Kinesiology Tape Licensee for the US Olympic and Paralympic, this tape is durable, dependable and there for you, always. Let us look through the features of this absolute wonder.

1. Relieve Soar Joints and Muscles

Whether you’re first in training or an experienced athlete, the KT PRO tape will be your lasting buddy. each pack can hold up to 20 tapes that can stay for 7 days. The adhesive does not wear off even with sweat or grime or the dust, giving superior hold over your skin while the your strenuous regimes or game peaks.

2. Provides Best Support

With its 100% elastic taping, the KT PRO stays on and heals on through and through, giving perfect assistance to your pain-relieving process.

3. Long-Lasting

Here is the difference between the KT PRO and cotton kinesio. While cotton cannot withstand harsh changes in climate or environment around the wearer, KT PRO with its superior elasticity, keeps a lasting steady healing process which does not fade before guaranteed time.

4. Micro-Fibers

While most joint and muscle guards do not fare well in water, KT PRO can surf you through the healing process. The micro-fibers are specially designed to dry quick and not weigh down with added water from using it while swimming, surfing and being in water.

5. Pre-Cut Strips

All the 20 strips in a pack are pre-cut to 2 inches width, so that you can pop one out an use it for safety on-the-go. No need to carry blades or scissors to snip off during emergencies.

6. Latex-Free

Kt Tape Pro Atehlio

Our bodies might be durable with hard-work but skin conditions are natural and cannot be altered for our comfort. KT PRO’s acrylic medical grade adhesive makes sure that it is soft on the skin without the need to itch and adjust to its feel on the skin.

This helpful companion comes in 3 bright colors and a durable case to keep that can jazz up your comfort pre, mid an post-workout. Medicated and ever-ready, get your KT TAPE PRO handy and packed.

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