Exercise , you might think what would be the types of exercise? Exercise is simply exercise. But it is not so! There are various types of fitness ways which we as a whole call exercise.

Majorly it is classified into four types , in this article you will be briefly be introduced by each type of exercise.


This type of exercise gives the heart and lungs a workout and so it is important for many body functions. It speeds up the heart rate and breathing of a person. It also relaxes the blood vessel walls, lower blood pressure, burn body fat, lower blood sugar levels and many more benefits.

Aim for 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity activity. Try brisk walking, swimming, jogging, cycling, dancing or any other such activity.


What is the role of strength training? As we grow older, our body becomes weaker and losses it energy and strength , so this training helps us to build it back. Regular strength training will make you feel more energetic and capable of doing daily tasks perfectly. Now its general to ask that why do the muscles be strengthen even when the age naturally? Well the muscles not only makes you stronger, but also stimulates bone growth, lowers sugar level and many more advantages.

You can make a strength training schedule that you can do at least twice or trice a week at gym, home, office or wherever you feel comfortable. It will mostly include body weight exercises.


What does stretching help us do? It helps you to be flexible. It increases our flexibility. As we age, our muscles become week, shorten and don’t function properly so we need to give them flexibility otherwise it becomes very difficult to perform even the daily work easily.

Likewise, stretching the muscles time to time makes them longer and much more flexible, which increases the range of motion and helps you to do the daily task perfectly. Aim to do stretching at least five times a week to have the perfect flexibility. You may start by warming up your muscles first which gets the blood and oxygen to muscles. Then have the static exercises for much more flexibility.

However, don’t push stretch into the painful range. That tightens the muscles.


Why do you need to improve your balance? Balance makes you feel steadier on your feet and prevents injury caused by falling which becomes more and more important as and when we grow older because the inner system which maintains the balance starts to be weakened and needs maintenance time to time. Yoga is proved to be the best exercise to give balance to the body. Typical balance exercises include standing on one foot with closed eyes or walking heel to toe. But you must take proper instructions before performing any such activity.

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