Well you want to sip onto to something that can refresh you after your tough trail at the gym. But water is not satisfying your hunger. Well we end your long search for a replacement. Cucumbers offer incremental benefits. Mix this with your regular water for these benefits:

The modern water for hydration

We all have read about drinking 8-20 glasses of water every day to keep our cells hydrated. But our taste buds have wrecked our fitness regime replacing water with sugary drinks, lemonade. You can trick your body in drinking cucumber water as detox water adding on to the extra flavor of water.

Complementing with weight loss

Well if you’re trying to lose some weight for a long time but you’re love for sodas, juices are dragging you away from your goal; then this tonic will make you serious for your goal. You can satisfy your hunger and thirst with it in turn rejuvenating you with fresh energy. Cucumbers are low in calories and high on energy complementing with your weight loss program.

Loaded with anti-oxidants

This treat is loaded with anti-oxidants that help in preventing cell damage from oxidative stress initiated by free radicals. Such Oxidative Stress can lead to chronic diseases like cancer, Diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and eye degeneration. Cucumbers in turn prevent this damage. They are rich in vitamin C, beta carotene, manganese, molybdenum and flavonoid antioxidants.

Lowering your blood pressure

Consuming too much salt can cause your boy to retain body fluids raising your blood pressure. Conversely, too less potassium in your diet is not sufficient to regulate the amount of sodium retained by your kidneys. Cucumbers are rich in potassium and hence balance the sodium in your body keeping your blood pressure at bay.

Promoting healthy skin

Cucumbers are loaded with ample amount of water releasing toxins out of your body and maintaining your complexion. Rich in pantothenic acid, they even treat acne.

Preventing cancer

These antioxidants have certain compounds known as cucurbitacins and lignans group of nutrients which play an important role in preventing against cancer. According to researches, the flavonoid fisetin found in cucumbers even cure against prostate cancer.

Boosting bone health and muscles

Vitamin K is very important in formation of healthy bones and promoting early treating of wounds. Cucumbers come with this vitamin K and hence help in formation of proteins which in turn help in easy clotting of blood and boosting bone health by transferring calcium to your bones. It helps in building stronger muscles too.

Don’t let certain sugars spoil your hard work and switch your lemonades with cucumber water.

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