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Depression and heart health share a bond, which might say a lot about how we tend to feel more physically ill when we are down. Mental health affects all.

However, it first affects our heart, and overall immunity. But why is that? According to recent studies, while depression and heart issues have individual factors, they are all connected. 

Here is how, when we feel mentally down, those days feel longer and gloomier with every hour. And in those times, all our mind craves would be an aversion. And sometimes, this aversion comes at the cost of bad habits. 

If you start noticing the change in your habits during a depressive period, you shall notice:

A Sudden Habit of Smoking

depression and heart health

Smoking can temporarily reduce stress. Meaning, if you feel too anxious or panicking about procrastination, you might find yourself smoking frequently. 

And smoking is injurious to your heart health. It can spike up your blood pressure and also pace up the heart’s rhythms. 

Moreover, it is the reason for lung cancer. 


You Might Start Overeating in Depression Impacting Heart Health

Junkfood Athelio

One of the other ways we tend to distract ourselves would be eating. Of course, when depressed, we tend to opt for food that makes us happy. 

These would be chips, cold drinks, pastries, burgers, deep-fried, cheesy meals, and more! Now, while these can temporarily bring us some comfort, they also cause permanent damages to our hearts. 

Eating fatty, oily, sugary, and salty foods can be dangerous to heart health, especially for diabetic patients, or those with high blood sugar problems. 


There are Chances of Overconsuming Alcohol

Drunk Athelio

When it comes to depression and heart health, we sometimes forget to blame the alcohol we might consume. While drinking away the pain might sound promising, it has 0 benefits of curing depression.

Moreover, alcohol can destroy your liver and also cause heart failure from overconsumption. 

Now, while none of these sound too lively, let us look at the bright side:

  • It is possible to throw out bad eating habits and cleanse your diet into a healthier one. 
  • With some proper health, you can practice sobriety. 

So, keep trust in yourself and make sure to take these small steps towards self-care. 

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