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Myths about Diabetes are more rampant, especially during this 2020 COVID19 period, due to its risk on our mortality. Now myths can lead to wrong medication.

However, in the worst-case scenario, you might not even detect the symptoms due to knowing only about the false rumors. 

Now, before we debunk these myths, let us understand what Diabetes is.

If your blood glucose or sugar is too high, you have Diabetes. The insulin made in our pancreas is a hormone that helps this glucose be the source of energy from our foods. It helps in providing glucose to our cells for various functions. 

However, the lack of insulin can cause excess glucose deposits in the blood, leading to Diabetes.

Now to the myths connected to it:


Diabetes is Curable

Myths About Diabetes


You shall come across various blogs and reports stating how Diabetes is curable. 

Diabetes is incurable and requires proper medication and management.

Meaning, you shall need to follow proper diets and a healthier lifestyle


You Must Avoid Carbohydrates If You Are Diabetic

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While carbohydrates from fizzy drinks are unhealthy, the body requires it in moderation as a source of energy. You shall find carbohydrates in various daily meals through fruits and vegetables. 

Of course, it is best to speak to your dietician to balance the carbohydrates amount you need daily. 


Too Much of Sweet Food Can Cause Diabetes

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Sweets do not cause Diabetes. However, they can worsen the situation. Meaning, the myths about Diabetes regarding sweets are incorrect in all forms. 

Diabetes is a chronic disease due to low insulin hormone levels. Now, you can have sweets but should always be careful about how much you are eating daily. 

Sugar-free foods are sometimes recommended for those who are suffering from Diabetes. 


Amputations are Inevitable During Diabetes

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While there are chances of amputation from poor food and lifestyle management, it is not inevitable. 

Amputations such as blindness, nerve damage, kidney failure, and more are causes of blood vessel damages. 

However, with proper treatment and regular checkups, you can keep an eye on your body better to prevent these ailments. 

All in all, the myths about Diabetes can lead to unnecessary fears and panic. Hence, it is best to know the facts and work accordingly. 

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