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Changes are permanent, as long as you’re comfortable under them. But at times we go through experiences either quite traumatic or overwhelming. There should not be any pressure to stay under such environments if they break your spirits.

Life changing events such as loss in family, break-ups, fights, and abuse can be shattering our spirits to a point we feel there is no escape from that one dark room.

But due to our minds telling us that we cant embrace change so easily, we hanker for comfort even in a situation that is leeching away our determination.

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Being ‘alright’ is far from the truth of what is happening inside your mind. And yes, you’re in control, which means, that CAN be changed if you’re dedicated enough.

None of us are liable to be in abusive situations with people experiences in order to keep the so-called ‘reputation’ in check. Our mental and physical health matters more than our identity to the masses. In such cases, fight back, brush off and start afresh.

Keep in mind that all of us deserve infinite chances at life. We are never to let, be us 25 or 50 years of age. In order to bring change, have these few pointers noted in order to help you out in the revolutionary journey.

1. Plan Out Your Route

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Bringing yourself out of a drained mental self can be a tremendous task. Our minds are not prepared at all times to function the way our conscience works. In such cases, let the overwhelming task of turning your life around, be divided into small portions as goals. This way, you know there aren’t huge decisions that require your attention and energy, helping you fulfill them one at a time.

2. Build Yourself Up

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Your mind requires a strong foundation before your entire life. It is after all, what is aiding and guiding you to a better life. If it an abusive relationship you wish to break away from, keep in mind the near-future consequences, let your loved ones be updated and begin the move out process slowly. This way, with each day passing as your belongings, leave the house to a trustworthy person’s home, you know you’re progressing. Keeping this idea in mind, formulate, modify and integrate such actions in regards to the kind of experience you wish to flee off.

3. Know Details of Changing

This might be the mere moving out of your home country to even coming out of traumatic experiences. In all of these circumstances, make sure to know what you want. Here comes in planning as an integral part of your route to change. KNow the details of the bigger picture and integrate the smaller details to your journey to break free. These snippets of inspiration and knowledge will not only help you bring about improvement in your life but also act as pillars of support if you ever lose faith.

4. Do Your Part

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Once planning is done, make sure you function accordingly. Keeping a list will not be deemed fruitful if not the same list has the goals ticked. Each day, perform the number of tasks you’re comfortable with and make sure they are slashed off. Visually, this makes the list smaller and easier to proceed with thanks to the dedication and mental strength.

5. Make Sure You are Determined

Determination Is Key Athelio Com

The determination is key. Once it feels lost, you will need to bring it back again. Remember, changes in life is for our own god. There is nothing more important to us than our physical and mental well-being. Never let any hurdles you cannot cross in one go, pause or slow you down, these are the hurdles which shall challenge you to outperform your last record. You deserve each and every check-point pass through as all of them make a stronger you.

You are your own inspiration for change and betterment in life. Let nothing stand in your way as your life and happiness are always more important to keep anyone feeling alright with seeing you in a mess. Fight overall odds like the true warrior you are destined to be.


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