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While most of us strive to tone out the body from the excessive fat storage burning, some of the folks strive to go straight towards muscle building. There are a few things to be followed for this pattern of workout.

At first, you need to know he kind of workout that suits your body. Here are a few you can choose from.

1. HIIT Training

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High intensity training is perfect for converting fat content to muscle building. Since there exercises are for short intervals but extremely strenuous to the body. With 5 minutes rapid cardio inclusive of sprints on treadmill to fast manual cycling, head straight on to abdomen exercises and muscle training within 10 minutes to have the best results. In order to initiate HIIT training for muscles, apply for a suitable gym that provides best advice for HIIT training.

2. Weight Training

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Weight or strength training has its own perks, which are even better than cardio. Weight training increases testosterone hormone and improves it to burn excessive fat off the body. Metabolism rate becomes higher than your usual, helping you shed of the extra fat and calories inside and substitute it with a well-built body.

3. Yoga

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Yoga i more than just stretching exercises. It helps out strengthen your muscles as well us makes the joints more flexible and fit. If there is more flexibility in the body, it only shows lack of excessive fat in the body. Yoga and a perfect diet plan will have a good aim on substituting body fat with strong and well-built muscles.

Speaking of food, here are a few to add to your diet to increase testosterone content in the body.


Bacon For Muscles Athelio Com

Bacon, who would refuse such a beautiful crispy ingredient. The bacon’s fat and cholesterol content is mostly used up by the body from workout through the release of testosterone. This testosterone content is vital for the muscle growth. Be sure to have organically grown pig’s meat as we eat the nutrition from what they consume.


Eggs are an all-rounder. While the protein and cholesterol helps build testosterone hormones to cut fat off and build muscles. They also improve blood circulation, keeping the body fit and healthy.


Garlic For Body Athelio Com

Garlic indirectly helps you by reducing corsitol, the stress hormone in he body. As it reduces, the body produces more testosterone hormones in the body, helping you cut excess fat from the body and improve muscle build.

Using these combinations, you can achieve the fat-loss and muscle gain process quicker and steadier. Be sure to know which combinations suit you the best.

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