There are a number to training regimes you can choose from; however your personalized workout plan will be only tailored according to your body type. While you’re trying to achieve your goals its important that you challenge yourself to achieve your dream body.

There are basically 3 body types:

1. Endomorphs: Well these categorize people who find it difficult to lose weight and gain pounds very easily. Such people have a shorter stature, shorter limbs and are curvier. A great representation of such people can be Jessica Simpson and Chris Pratt.

Workout for Endomorphs

These people find it easy to gain size and strength through resistance training but losing weight is a task for them. The main concept for them is to plan a regime with more reps and less rest periods through endurance training. A sample workout can include Dead-lifts, Dumbbell Bench Press and Chin ups in 3 sets with 6 reps. Reverse Lunges, Push up, Goblet Squat and Inverted Row should be performed in 3 sets with 8-10 reps. Every alternative day go for cardio like hiking, biking, swimming, running, etc. Take a day off for rest and recovery.

Nutrition for Endomorphs

Aim for a diet high in amounts of proteins and veggies acquiring around 55% of your meal. High carb food should be avoided and simple carbohydrates should be only consumed via fruits only not more than 25%. The fat percent in your food should not be more than 20%.

2. Ectomorphs: The greatest envied out of the lot, these people can literally consume anything and still never tend to gain any amount of weight. Such people are taller, thinner and have longer limbs. A typical representation can be that of Taylor Swift and Natalie Portman.

Workout for Ectomorphs

The main concept is to built strength and muscles. Since such people find it hard to gain weight; the regime should focus on more on strength training and less of endurance training. They should include less reps and more rest periods. A sample workout should include Deadlifts, Dumbbell Bench Press and Reverse Lunge with 4 sets and 5 reps. Goblet Squat, Inverted Row and Chin Up should be performed in 3 sets and 8 reps. Take the day off every alternative day going for just warm up cardio practices.

Nutrition for Ectomorphs

Since they have a fast metabolic rate; they are advised to consume foods having high amount of carbohydrates and fats. They should have smaller meals in shorter time intervals.

3. Mesomorphs: They are a conglomeration of Endomorphs and Ectomorphs. They can gain weight but can shed those extra points easily too. They are generally average heighten having an athletic framework.

Workout for Mesomorphs

Their workout should include resistance training with higher reps and high intensity intervals of cardio. A sample workout should like Deadlifts, Dumbbell Bench Press and Reverse Lunges should be performed in 3 sets and 5 reps. Goblet Squat, Inverted Row, Push-Up and Chin Up should consist of 3 sets with 6-10 reps. The rest periods should be moderate usually of 45-60 seconds. Try high intensity cardio like sprints, boxing etc every alternative day. Take two days off for rest and recovery.

Nutrition for Mesomorphs

Macro-nutrients should be easily distributed between carbs, proteins and fats. Limit your carbs on conditioning days and increase them on high intensity workouts day.
The correct workout will not only ease you in with the goals you achieve but also will complement your stature. So choose the correct regime on the basis of your body type.

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