Well it is a daily habit of people to kick start to their day with a cup of coffee in their hand. Well you’ve read tons of articles talking about coffee harms your system and how you are to safeguard yourself from those activities. Well to be very frank caffeine addiction is not very good for your health, but as long as you set yourself free with all those sugars and creams, you’ll do great for yourself. So get these benefits from your loved cup of coffee.

A workout toner

Caffeine is known to reduce fatigue and boost your performance, in case of people who love cardio and high intensity strength training. In case of endurance activities like running, biking and swimming, caffeine is known to reduce muscle pain. Caffeine helps in pumping your adrenaline levels and so increases your blood flow to smaller blood vessels and so improves your circulatory system.

Taking your gut health serious

Well those leftover coffee grounds can be actually great for your gut. They are rich in a kind of bacteria that our gut loves, containing those polyphenols as antioxidants that keeps the microbiome of our gut diverse and healthy.

Keeping your brain at its best

Caffeine is known to enhance your memory and cognition, helping you in problem solving and treating diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

It lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes

Well this is probably one of the best advantages of drinking coffee. Coffee can help in both raising blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. It increases your adrenaline and so it temporarily raises your blood sugar levels. However, decaf is a better choice if you are thinking of lowering your blood sugar levels.

It keeps depression at bay

According to researches, people who drink coffee are protected from depression. This is because of the polyphenol chlorogenic acid, ferulic acid and caffeic acid that keeps depression at bay.

Aiding in weight loss

This might feel like a worth try for people, but tow compounds in coffee called caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid have been liked to lower body weight and get rid of that belly fat that makes you obese. They lower insulin, triglycerides and cholesterol levels that increase oxidation of fats and hence burning more energy.

It improves your alertness, focus and attention

Caffeine improves your work performance and makes you mentally alert. But don’t drink too much of it as everything above a limit harms your health.

It takes care of your liver

Coffee reverses the ill effects of alcohol on your liver. Coffee also reduces cirrhosis of liver caused due to drinking too much alcohol. It lowers the risk of liver cancer and improves your liver fibrosis.

It works as a pain tonic

Coffee works as a morphine that suppresses your pain when your pain meds fail. I case of sleep deprivation, you can even drink in some amounts of coffee to help you get an easy sleep.

It makes you live longer

Well if I tell you that you can actually live a longer by drinking your favorite cup of coffee? Sounds like your kindof deal. Well people who are more prone to coffee are least likely to die of different causes. It protects you from heart disease, stroke, diabetes and respiratory disease.

It supplies you potassium

People who drink more coffee get more potassium which is very important to lower your blood pressure, reducing bone loss and reduces kidney stones. Packed together with sodium they help in muscle contraction and help to move nutrients out of the cells. They even control the pH of your body.

Prevents you from heart stroke

Moderate levels of coffee prevent you from stroke. Unfiltered coffee even regulates your cholesterol level.

Provides you with antioxidants

Well it is the number one of antioxidants as far as artificial patterns is concerned. It also, protects from cancers, reduce the risk of dementia, improve your sugar metabolism and protect yourself from heart disease.
As said before, excess of everything is bad. So keep your cup of coffee in moderate levels and then enjoy it.

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