It is not a misnomer when people say that Chinese have a solution for every problem be it tech, medicine or government. No kidding! So here I’m talking about some bizarre traditional Chinese medicinal practices which have been around for about thousands of years. Not only do the work against health issues but they repair the imbalance or disruption in your body’s vital energy or ‘qi’ in Chinese. So let’s hear about which one do you need.


You might have heard of this practice where tiny needles are inserted to correct the energy imbalances in turn improving your blood flow along the punctured area. They decrease your inflammation and alleviate you of your pain. They even improve your body’s natural healing mechanism.


This practice uses glass or plastic cups on your skin on order to create a vacuum. This draws blood to the surface of the skin which makes you feel like a massage. This can leave some circular bruises on your body but is very effective in pain management, respiratory disorders, speeding the process of detoxification and increases circulation.


A very ancient practice, it involves burning of a Chinese herb, mugwort over certain acupuncture points and some other meridians of your energy flow. It decreases pain, reducing fatigue, boosting organ function and promotes faster healing.

Gua Sha

This practice involves pressing and stroking of skin with an object called ‘sha’. It creates some light bruises as weaker blood vessels are broken and stronger ones are created, a process known as angiogenesis. This allows oxygen to reach the affected areas and a feeling of relaxation follows by.

Diagnosing your body with your


Might sound strange, but Chinese medicine practitioners say that the tongue is like a map of what is going inside your body. The tip tells about your heart and lungs, sides about liver and gallbladder, middle about the spleen and stomach and the roof about the kidneys and urinary bladder.


This technique uses acupuncture and acupressure on parts of your ear to activate certain points in order to solve certain health issues. They create acupressure by pressing with their fingers, metallic pellets and small magnets or seeds taped onto the points. They can even insert needles for acupuncture.

Qi Gong

It is a Chinese practice where ‘qi’ meaning life source energy is mixed with ‘gong’ meaning skill through practice. It is a Chinese blend of exercise and mediation using posture, movement, breathing technique, self massage, and sound and focused intent. Read more about Qi gong here.

Bizarre doesn’t imply to be wrong. These traditional practices might seem strange but they hold a great importance in relieving your body of the several health issues. These are good Chinese parlors in major towns now. So go and get your appointment today.

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