So you’re friends are having a barbeque tonight and you are invited. Although this isn’t the first time you’ll go grilling with them. While that meal tastes delicious but it also contains cancer causing chemicals namely polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the barbecue smoke absorbed by your skin (I know, even I didn’t believe it).

Researchers speak that PAHs in barbecue from fat and juices from the meat your cooking burn on the grill. Also the toxic elements are present in the smoke which sticks to your steak or charred burger. PAHs are also released when wood, coal, tobacco, oil or gas burns. Particularly, PAHs are present everywhere from cigarette smoke to car exhaust. So why should we be concerned about them in our barbeque? It is so because, while you’re grilling you’re breathing them in the smoky and meaty scent and eating them too (Sounds a lot right!).

Researchers tested the amount of PAHs in urine samples of the usual grilling party organisers. Shocker came from high exposure rates found in skin contact while you’re not even inhaling the smoke. It was then determined that the oils in barbeque fumes are absorbed more from the skin than from your oesophagus. In the initial levels your clothes might safeguard you from the smoke but once they are saturated, your skin is going to take loads of PAHs. Well its works like that of the osmosis concept; moving from higher concentration to lower concentration down the gradient.

Now obviously, you cannot stop grilling because come-on they are your friends. Plus barbecues are fun, where you meet new people and dance and drink. So what particularly, can you do to limit your exposure to PAHs? First is washing your clothes after a big cookout and also stop hovering around the barbecue flames. Now what if you’re the host? You only have to grill. So you’re lookout is to cook meat in a thin sauce, pre-cooking your meat in a micro (so that the juices are cooked already) and flipping your patties frequently.

Now go and treat your guests with the big grill or go and have so tossing barbecue at your friend’s place.

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