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This 2020 winter, can turmeric be the cure-all for Covid? The answer is yes! When it comes to immunity and anti-inflammation, turmeric is the answer. 

And this is as it contains curcumin, which gives it this lively yellow color. It is a vital component of turmeric and ginger that is also essential for our immune system. 

Moreover, it also has anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, best to beat the physical winter blues. 

In fact, let us look into more details:


Antifungal Properties

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Turmeric is anti-bacterial and can utilize its curcumin content to kill off the Candida Albicans fungi. It is more effective than allopathic medicines. 

Additionally, if you take vitamin C alongside turmeric, your fungal and anti-bacterial infections can perish. You can take up vitamin C supplements to reduce all fungal infections.

Meaning, all winter fungal infections are preventable and helps you stay healthy.


 Improves Metabolic Health

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The curcuminoids content in this yellow wonder is the most useful for reducing fat accumulation, balancing high blood pressure, and also soothing inflammation. 

Moreover, it can help remove bad cholesterol from your system and improve your body’s insulin sensitivity. And when your body has an improved cholesterol count and lesser inflammation, it works wonder on the metabolic health. 


Is Best for Heart Health


You can depend on turmeric to improve your heart health! Your heart vessels, known as Endothelium can have lining ailments, triggering a series of heart-related issues.

And these would be blood clotting, chest ache, blood pressure, and more!

Here, it can steadily help by reducing oxidation and improve your cardiovascular health. Moreover, you can also benefit from lowering the chances of a heart attack!


What are the Best Ways to Have Turmeric?


There are many ways to make it, your ultimate cure-all for Covid? Let us find out!

Milk turmeric-Athelio

In Cooked Meals

You can always use turmeric powder in cooked meals. Vegetable curries or even meat meals with some powder can be healthy and beneficial. 


Turmeric Milk

Turmeric milk-Athelio

When you add some turmeric powder to milk, you can enjoy a healthy cup every morning. Milk contains calcium, with which you can receive all-round nutrition from one glass each day. 

What is your favorite cure-all for Covid? Do let us know!

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