Stretching is a great way to increase flexibility. It loosens up those tight muscles and opens up the body. The benefits of stretching is long and wide. These benefits are told to us by fitness trainers, parents, and of course the popular media. But the reality shows a totally different picture. Stretching is a dynamic workout routine. It varies from age to gender. Different body types are suitable for a different kind of stretching routine. It is therefore not the same for everyone. Maybe, that is the reason, we still have not achieved the flexibility we desired. Let’s stretch the right way and bust those myths on stretching:

1. A stretch before the workout is the right way

Before the intense workout, stretching is a must. Or that is what we have been told always. But it leads to more harm than good. Static stretching on a body which is at rest can lead to severe muscle pull. Before static stretching, go for a brisk walk or a light jog, which warms up the muscles.

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2. Stretching has universal uniformity

Stretching is dynamic workout routine and it must vary. If you want to gain flexibility or into gymnastics and dancing, static stretching is highly recommended. For high cardio workouts, warm ups must be combined with dynamic stretching movements. Stretching routines must be longer for people who are above the age of 60.

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3. Stretching a day, keeps the injuries away

This is a half cooked myth. Researchers feel that stretching allows greater blood circulation in the muscles and can give a minimum protection. But this does not guarantee that muscle pull will not occur.

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4. Stretching is not needed after a workout

If you are on a hurry, skipping stretching after a workout will not hurt your body. It is although preferable and can be included post workout. It surely helps to reduce muscle fatigue and soreness after a intense workout. It eases your body for the next workout.

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5. Stretching and foam rolling are one and same

Foam rolling is like giving your muscles a deep tissue massage which leads to myofascial release. The benefits are similar to that of a stretching routine. Foam rolling ensures greater flexibility and muscle recovery as it breaks down scar tissues in our body in a better way. Physiotherapists recommend both foam rolling and stretching to gain flexibility.

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6. Over-stretching can never happen

The greater you push your body, its flexibility increases. This however can be dangerous. Over-stretching is extremely bad for the body. Putting pressure on a tight muscle can lead to severe muscle pull. There are cases when over stretching has lead to joint dislocation. Begin stretching at your own pace. While the muscles relax, slowly extend the length of the stretch. Switch to the next movement very slowly. Doing this has greater benefits. Pressuring our body unnecessarily is never beneficial in the long run as it leads to soreness and fatigue. No pain no gain mantra is not always needed.

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Stretching helps a lot, but one should do it the right way so that the body reaps its benefits.

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