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While the #stayhome is vital to make sure that all your friends and online connections are safe, sometimes life at home can get a bit mundane. We can boost our levels of productivity during the quarantine to take ourselves to that level next.

However, you can always lighten things up a bit and make your at-home experience during the lockdown worthwhile. 

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Of course, it does not mean that every action needs to be productive. Sometimes, little things can help in brightening the mood and de-stress your mind from the current situations. 

Let us now check into some ideas you can try out during the 2020 quarantine:

Try Out Light Yoga Sessions

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Yoga can be a great way to calm your body, mind, and the entire nervous system. 

And with the recently shared experiences being more on the stressful side, you might need something to free your head off constant worry. 

Hence, utilize your domestic confinement to clear your thoughts through yoga

You can start with simple breathing exercises, and opt for some light stretching asanas when you are comfortable. 

Cook New Things with Ingredients at Home

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You can also try out cooking new dishes at home, with existing ingredients. 

While this can help you soothe your mind, using ingredients already at home is an affordable way to try out new tasty dishes. 

Cooking is a wonderful way to relieve an anxious mind, helping you divert your concentration to all the 5 senses. 

For example, when you cook, you get to:

  • Taste the flavors
  • Smell the aroma
  • Hear the sound of stews bubbling or fries crackling. 
  • See the change in color and consistency of your food when cooked.
  • Touch the ingredients to understand the level of heat they’d need for preparation. 


Tidy Up Your WFH Space

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A cluttered work-space can lead to a cluttered mind. While work can be stressful at times, you can reduce the irritation by clearing up the desk. 

By doing so, your mind stays on the tasks, and you can finish them quickly and take a much-needed break. 

And as you are working from home regularly, a tidy, clutter-free desk can be perfect for a calm mind. 

One perfect tip for this would be minimal objects on the desk. Stick to a few things, and your head might feel more at ease. 

Do you have a unique new thing you are trying during the quarantine? Do let us know as we would love to hear! 

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