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The land of Vikings and the midnight sun promises a gorgeous eyeful. But what attracts the adventurous souls are the steep mountain slopes, pathways by gushing streams and the wild. The rougher edges of Norway lures in the present day fitness vikings for challenges Mother Nature has to offer. The trails of and around Norway are not for the weak-hearted as one day of trekking could surmount week’s workout.

Following are the trailing tracks in Norway, most beautiful and menacing:

1. Shedding a Few pounds while Adding to the Eyes

City sight-seeing most often takes place in tour buses, but one can always frame their experience to be on foot. Plan with buddies and take an entire day tour while running through lanes of towns and discovering the wonders the streets have to offer.

Oslo City, Norway

Oslo Running Track Athelio Com

Oslo comprises of a quaint little town rich in heritage. A perfect fusion of modern and cultural, the streets of Oslo never fails to awe the visitors. The surrounding forest can be breathing ground and strolls after a day of trailing around the scenic treasure chest that is Oslo. The Oslo Marathon at the end of September promises the best experience for runners and like minded trekkers.

Bergen, Western Norway

Bergen Norway Athelio Com

Vibrant hues and the city’s warm welcome is enjoyed by many who visits the beautiful Bergen. Located near the coast, Bergen has a lot to offer from smoothly paved lanes to never-ending on-foot voyage of different wonderful locations. Best time of the year would be around spring and early summer when the city keeps one awake with marathons and festivities.

2. For the Strong-Willed

Tough Viking Marathon, Eastern Norway

Viking Marathon Athelio Com

Mud splash, elemental hurdles of fire, water and electricity all make up for the insane routes of the Tough Viking Marathon in Scandinavia. One has to be hard willed to fall in pits, take on obstructions and get drenched and grubby while doing so. It takes the rugged of the contestants to pass all stages to compete in fashion the vikings have lived.

3. For One Who Carries Their Heart in Hand

Nothing can stop a dedicated out-of-their mind athlete from achieving their desired tracks with whatever adversities may come. Rain, storm or heat, all are just hurdles on a smooth track.

Isklars Extreme Normsan, Rjukan, Southern Norway

Tough Marathon Athelio Com

It is close to military training that an adventurer can pursue. It begins with taking a swift swim down Fjord river, water freezing the body which tackles against the stream. The challenges continue towards biking through snow and rainstorms, a quick 230 meters marathon and ends with a steep mountain trekking on Gaustatoppen. All this in one day requires mammoth-like strength to overcome such obstacles.

4. The Norwegian Experience

Polar Night Run in Senja, Northern Norway

Northern Light Athelio Com

The northern lights, or aurora borealis is an occurrence in the sky during winter when the sun cannot be seen for weeks and different colored light patterns grace the sky, fusing with each other, creating the most beautiful sight to look up to while running to heart’s content. Not to forget the harmonious swaying of the sky lights bring about a soft melody when particles come in friction with the air. This is also known as the Aurora Run.

Midnight Sun Run, Tromoso, Norway

Around June, after 10pm, the sun rotates in, in the sky of Norway, creating a spectacular view of the city in natural light at night. Around summer, tourists gather to take a view of such an occurrence and runners take the most of the moment to take a ‘morning run’ at night. It is truly an experience to be tucked in.

6. While Burning a Few

October in Oslo, Eastern Norway

Hiking or trekking uphill, sounds immense as it is. But October at Oslo, it is mandatory to try out this crazy workout with fellow enthusiasts. Running up the steepest hill of Oslo will not only lift up the buttock area but provide the freshest of the air when the peak is reached in 45 mins. The slope incline might burn the energy faster than any machine in a gym had been able to.

7. Aiming Sky-High

Fjord, Lyngen, Northern Norway

Oslo Running Athelio Com

This track does not limit itself to the seaside or just the forest, but accumulates all the scenic beauty for an overall natural running experience. Begin beside the streams of Fjord river, slowly drowning into the depth of the calm forests and come back uphill on the terrains of Storhaugen. An overall relaxating experience gained in 5kms.


Don’t forget to take buddies up for the run of their lifetimes as Norway promises trips and marathons enjoyed in packs. Be it riversides, terrains or forests, Norwegian fitness does not come close to what the high-end gyms have to offer.

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