Sipping in water offers a plethora of benefits other than just hydrating your body. It makes around 50-70% of our body mass. Hence, you can very well relate to its abundant utilities. When your body’s tissues do not get enough water to carry out the vital functions, it enters a dormant state of dehydration. So, hydrating yourself adequately is very essential.

Water provides undue advantages to our system like cleansing it, supplying the nutrients in our diet to our needy tissues, regulating the BMI o our body and many more. According to medical research, an intake of 8-12 glasses of water daily is very important for a normal metabolism and functioning.

Benefits of drinking water on your health

• Water plays a vital role in stabilizing our body fluids required for digestion, circulation, absorption, transportation of nutrients and production of saliva. It also keeps pace with our body temperature preventing our body against dehydration, migraines, headaches etc. When we perspire during the day, we lose a lot of water along with salts from our body. This sweating prevents the buildup of body heat signaling our cells to demand water. So its always advisable to carry a water bottle while going out.

• Muscles contain around 75% water and so adequate amount of water is very important for contraction and relaxation of muscles preventing any muscular cramps.

• Water also helps in keeping skin cells healthy and hydrated giving you a glowing wrinkle free skin. It also prevents sudden outbursts of acne.

• When you dehydrate your body cells, your brain sends a signal of survival threat where your body tissues start retaining water and storing it for other vital functions. This makes your hands, feet and legs to appear swollen. Drinking ample water reduces this risk.

• Water also aids in proper functioning of your digestive system preventing your kidneys from malfunctioning. If there is lack of water in your cells, you suffer from constipation. So drink a lot of water to keep your organ systems on track.

• When your body is not receiving adequate amount of water, your kidneys cannot function properly burdening the liver to perform their function. Liver then burns off fat to generate energy in your body but when it has to perform the functions of the kidney too, they cannot burn that much amount of fat and instead tarts depositing it. So you cannot ever lose weight if you do not drink water. Also water creates a weight in your stomach making you less hungry. When no carbs are consumed, fats are burned to generate ATP which aids in losing weight.

Water is a very essential component of human life on earth. It is the most important liquid. You can stay without drinking cola, sodas, juices etc but you cannot survive without water. Even if you are not habitual to drinking lot of water, start doing it from today itself. This miraculous component is going to make you healthy and fit for your entire life. Start this healthy habit of drinking water from now.

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