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Having a bloated stomach gives the manifestation of belly fat. It’s very important to understand the difference and take remedial actions. We need to understand the symptoms in both cases varying from the stomach being malleable and spongy to it being tight and unpressing.

But how will you know the reason behind it? You can now tell apart whether its water weight or belly fat. These are the two reasons out of which one of them might be the reason for your large tummy. Water weight refers to the additional weight we gain when our tissues, cavities, and joints retain excess water. They are seen in various forms like swollen joints, bloating, and maybe even a swollen belly. On the other hand belly, fay is the extra fat that is present around your waist.

Common causes of belly fat are overeating, inactivity, and hormonal changes. Since both water weight and belly fat are present around your waist, it may be hard to distinguish between the two. These 4 tips can definitely help you out through it:

1. Calories have no association with water weight:

Well, water weight is just water weight. It cannot be due to calories. It might be due to other factors such as unbalanced hormones, more carbs, and salts in diet among other reasons. Whereas belly fat is totally dependent on calories. The excess calories you intake more will be the belly fat! This especially occurs when you eat more calories than the calories you burn.

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2. Water weight is short-term:

There is fluctuation in your body weight. Well, this might be due to water weight. As belly fat doesn’t really change your weight much. In water weight, you see that your weight has suddenly increased one day, and the next day it has dropped greatly. On the other hand, belly fat doesn’t change much of your weight as it doesn’t go away easily. You might want to reconsider your diet plan to make it go away.

3. Belly fat can be held in hand but water weight cannot be:

This, my friends, is the most important tip! This can distinguish it right away whether you are dealing with belly fat or is it water weight. When you touch your waist and if you have fat then there is no presence of finger imprints on your skin. Whereas, if you have water weight then there will be finger imprint which might last only for a short while. This is because of the presence of water or it may also be because of air that is filled in.

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4. Muscles are not required for loss of water weight:

You do not need to do much workout! Actually, NO WORKOUT, when it comes to water weight. Muscles are not of much help to get rid of water weight. While this is not the same in the case of belly fat. You would actually have to start doing a workout while also preparing a diet plan.

As happy as I am to say that losing water weight is absolutely easy. I feel sad to say that you have to work hard if you want to get rid of extra fat. But again, the good news is that a routine can definitely change the condition and lead you to lose unwanted fat as well!!

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