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Trying out new trends can always be a great idea! This is why I’ve decided that these hacks that I’ve put together can help you. Okay, so the deal is that these hardly needs 50 bucks to get these hacks done.

1. Multi-Masks:

Model Mad Face Mask Beautiful Women's Fashion

This is a great way that you can improve your skin condition. Especially if you have a skin like mine. Instead of using those multi function face mask trying 4 masks at a time would be great idea. This has 4 different masks that you could apply on different parts of your face.

  1. Start by applying a deep pore cleanser to your t-zone
  2. Energizing masks on your cheeks.
  3. Chin area has 2 options either applying a deep cleansing face mask or a moisturizing face mask
  4. Finish with an instant oxygen forming face mask under your eyes and other areas that are left open.

2. Panty Liner As a Shadow Shield:

Eyeshadow can be pretty nasty when it comes to application. Especially if you have already applied make up on your face and it makes look bad. A shadow shield can be rather expensive so instead using a MUCH cheaper panty liner for protection. Isn’t that a great new for your budget.

3. Coffee Scrub for Exfoliation and Fat Removal Technique:


Coffee Cream Restaurant Coffee Cafe

Caffeine is usually underrated by a lot of people who don’t know the benefits of it. It is a great ingredient that will help tighten your skin while also removing fat from your face. This DIY is really simple and can be done in under 5 minutes. All you need is coconut oil, coffee powder and sugar. Mix these together and then use if for exfoliation of dry skin.

4. Deep Condition Before Going Out:

This is really important that you apply a deep conditioner or oil before you head out in the sun. As these sun rays can damage your hair and also it helps keep your hair in order. You don’t need to use some expensive ones to get those shiny look every time you go out. This is a great alternative to the expensive ones.

5. Disposable Mascara Wand:

Mascara Wand Athelio Com

Need to go out on a date, but have those bad chapped lips and you don’t know what to do? Then use a disposable wand and lip balm and rub it against your lips to make it smooth in under 5 minutes. This is sure a cheap way to treat those chapped lips during winter.

6. Baby Oil for Shaving Purposes:

When you need to run out late and you have a small stubble growing on your legs, then don’t worry we’ve got your back. Use a baby oil to get those stubborn hair off your body. This is a great alternative for those who don’t have time to take shower and get it done in time!

Baby Oil 1 Athelio Com

These are hacks are definitely a must try no matter how much you deny it!

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