Ayurveda Practices That Should Be Part Of Your Life

Ayurveda isn’t just an age-old health promoting system but has immense potential benefited tied with it too. A week before if someone would have imparted me with some ayurvedic tips, I would have surely laughed.

But after reading an article on how the western and eastern practices have been developed from it, I’m more than shocked. Read on further and you will understand what I am trying to comprehend by saying this.

The Oil Pulling Wonders

Oil pulling athelio

So you might have heard people saying that oil is like a natural lubricating substance for your body. But we calorie conscious people have made our settlements with it turns out it is true.

Not only this, but oil is necessary for your dental care too. It prevents your mouth from drying, halitosis, gingivitis and receding gums strengthening your tooth enamel in the process. Oil actually helps in eliminating metals and environmental toxins too.

So how to do it just swiss a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and spit it out after 15-20 minutes on your trash bag (as coconut oil can get stuck in your sink or drain). It will flush out all the metals and toxins from your mouth.

The Neti Pot irrigation

jal neti pot irrigation athelio

So you’ve had a terrible cold for the past few days and your pills are rendered to be ineffective on your body. Your mom advises you to try the nasal saline irrigation and you’re like it’s the 21st century, nobody does that now. Well its hard to admit, but your mom is right.

This process of rinsing out your sinuses no only clears your cold but it prevents from sinus infections and seasonal allergens too. You can link it with science in a way, saying, nasal cavities are the first line of defense of your immune system protecting you from viruses, bacteria, and allergens.

So rinsing your nasal cavities holds utmost importance in order to safeguard from increased mucus production and swelling of your nasal route.

Cleaning your tongue

Cleaning Your Tongue With Scraper Athelio

You might find it hard to accept that tongue scraping is actually an ayurvedic idea of prevention from bad breaths and digestive toxins. This act removes toxins like bacteria from your tongue, stimulates internal organs and improves digestion.

The tongue has a lot of food particles deposited on it fro your last night’s dinner and scraping them will prevent you from dental cavities and stimulate your taste buds too.

Use of Organic food

Organic Food Athelio

So again this is an ayurvedic concept. Turns out, western companies make a good living by promoting ayurvedic ideas. Also called sattvic cooking.

Such foods are free from any preservatives. Freshly reaped organic vegetables have several benefits. It helps reducing the signs of aging, improves quality of your sleep, better digestion, improved metabolism, and a more prompt immune system. Even spices like turmeric and black pepper have known to contain healing properties.

The Ancient Practice of yoga

Ancient Yoga Athelio

So no wonder, that yoga has gained immense stimulus in recent years owing to it’s up to team benefits. Yoga helps in an entire body round development improving your age of joints, ligaments, and muscles.

Meditation, a practice of deep yoga helps in relieving stress, lowering blood pressure, increasing blood circulation and stimulating metabolism. It manages the quantities of cortisol in your body and an overall improvement of your system.


Massaging Athelio

So you might have come across these beauty videos of how massaging helps in stimulating your blood circulation to that respective region. Well, that’s an Indian take. The irony is we are not really concerned with it while the western world lures.

Massaging on your head, face, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, and torso relaxes your muscles removing their soreness and calming your nerves.

It promotes better circulation, releasing toxins from the tissues, reducing inflammation and stimulating in elimination of toxins. It also removes dead skin leading to the opening of pores for sweat release and room for new skin cells to build up.

The Ultimate morning booze: Hot lemon with water

Hot Lemon Water Ayurveda Detox Athelio

So their weight loss regimes, and let me say all western educate a lot about drinking hot lemon with water. That’s Ayurveda folks! This miraculous drink revs up your metabolism by removing toxins from your system.

Hot water is easily absorbed in your body and lemon has citric minerals cleansing your lymphatic system. It removes toxins from your liver and kidneys. I have been drinking it for more than 7 years and trust me it stands up to every benefit ever enlisted about it.

You should always remember You have to take care of Yourself No one else understands your body better than You.

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