Fall Athelio

Autumn means the season of colors. All around you shall see the vibrancy of healthy autumn fruits like oranges, greens, peaches, and reddish hues.

And of course, these beautiful shades are all on the fresh and healthy vegetables and fruits that autumn brings forth. And all are important for your immunity. 

So this year, we shall look into some of the most affordable Autumnal fruits and veggies that can be good for you:



Ginger Athelio

Ginger is a medicinal component that you can add to your everyday meals, and also in your morning tea. 

The overwhelming yet, a soothing smell that you get from chopped ginger is from gingerol. And this is the component responsible for curing your cough and cold after fevers or rainfall. 

Moreover, ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that help cure sore muscles.

In conclusion, ginger is the cure for multiple ailments. 



Papaya Athelio

Papaya is an immunity-boosting fruit, which also contains natural enzymes that help digest proteins. 

Moreover, its vitamins and antioxidant contents can help your vision, as well as your cardiovascular health.

Additionally, the potassium content in papaya is effective for improving your kidney. 



Grapes Athelio

You can have grapes all-year-round. However, grapes are especially effective during autumn. 

And this is as grapes contain a compound known as resveratrol. Resveratrol can help to rev up your immune system and keep away problems of common cold, and fever. 

Moreover, if you have trouble sleeping then grapes can come handy. These contain melatonin, which is effective in helping you sleep better at night. 



Pumpkin Athelio

Pumpkin can really be the jack of all trades. 

And this is as pumpkin contains beta carotene, which is the most effective way to ingest vitamin A. 

Pumpkin can also help with diabetes, heart diseases, and high blood pressure. 

The best part, pumpkin is the mascot of Autumnal healthy nutrition. You can have it in pies, curries, and various other dishes.

It is affordable, nutritious, and one of the best squashes, rich with fibers and vitamins. 


All in all, autumnal fruits and vegetables are always in demand. Their beautiful and rich colors, patterns, and nutritions are what you might need to keep your family healthy and safe. 

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