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The Ayurveda way of drinking water is both simple, and helpful. It suggests that you drink for your health, fitness, and overall self-care. 

Moreover, this is one of the best ayurvedic at-home remedies that we can follow to keep the spring under our feet!

The principle of drinking water is more about how water manifests to us. It is available in all forms and all temperatures. It quenches our thirst and also works wonders for our bodies. 

And not to forget, it is the fountain of life. 

So, what would be the Ayurveda way of drinking water correctly? Well, there are multiples, so let us check them out:


Drink Water Slowly

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When you are drinking water, make sure to take small gulps and sips. Moreover, avoid chugging down large gallons of water in one go.

By doing so, you can even fall sick. 

You can also align your water drinking habits to your doshas. For example:

  • vata prakruti dosha: Drink water after 1 hour of every meal for digestion. 
  • pitta prakruti dosha: Try to drink water by sipping small amounts at the start of your meals. By doing so, you can initiate quick digestion. 
  • kapha prakurti dosha: Drink a glass of water before your meal. By doing so, you stay hydrated and also get to fill your stomach to avoid overeating. 


Over Intake of Water Should Be Avoided

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Sometimes, 8 glasses of water are not for everyone. While 8 glasses are the optimum amount, you might find it more comfortable with 6 glasses daily. 

The body sends small signals to the brain, conveying the thirst. And it is best to drink water when you really need it. 

Moreover, in this way you are drinking when your body needs it, and not because you have to complete a set goal. 


Store Water in Silver or Copper Vessels

Coppercup Athelio

Copper, or Tamba, is a healthy vessel for water storage. And it is beneficial for your health, as copper has numerous anti-bacterial properties as well as anti-oxidants. Not only do these charge the water positively, but also keeps it clean and cool for daily consumption. 

So what is your favorite Ayurvedic way of drinking water? Do let us know. 


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