Athelio New Starin Corona

While there is a new strain of COVID-19 up and about for the new year, we must keep vigilant with our social distancing safety norms. This time, we are more ready to tackle the virus than the last time. 

Around the mid of December 2020, the news of a new COVID strain had brought back terrifying memories of 2019’s coronavirus spread. 

However, this time, we are more alert, with news coming in quicker than before. The strain was first identified in the United Kingdom that alarmed the experts to test the samples for further information. 

What we know today is that the new COVID-19 strain goes by the term VUI–202012/01 of the SARS-COV-2 virus. And it is almost 70% more contagious than the existing variant. 


How did it Come About?


According to experts, the new variant traces back to South Africa. And here is what we know. 

The first two cases of the mutated virus were from people who had been in contact with those who had traveled in from South Africa. Moreover, South Africa had sent its report only a week or so back, on the presence of the new variant, and a surge in cases of the same. 


How Do the Initial Cases Look Like?


According to health experts and news reports, the new strain is “spreading like wildfire.” And at present, 60% of UK patients are under the infection’s grasp. 

Not only has this rekindled a panic among the citizens, but has also led to authorities calling for stricter lockdown restrictions for overall safety. 


Suspension of Flight and Travel


Various nations have simultaneously suspended all flights to and from Europe. What we know is that it is a quick and effective step to not have the 2nd COVID waves be a global catastrophe. 

Of course, Australia, Netherlands, Denmark, and Italy are also among the danger zones for the new COVID infection. 


How Dangerous is the New Strain?


As a new strain of COVID-19, its effectiveness in infecting the body is faster than what we are facing now. Meaning, a person can catch the new COVID-19 strain quicker and fall ill.

Moreover, its spiky protein attachment to cells can boost the infection rate. 

What is still under the shadows would be the lethality of the protein. Hence, it is crucial to keep yourself and your family at a safe distance from social gatherings. 

And with time, it is growing to be more dominant, quick, and a nuisance to the public. 


How Should You Tackle the New Variant in 2021


While 2020 had us initially brace for the virus without a shield, in 2021, we shall be more prepared than ever

With prior knowledge of social distancing and virus safety, added to the availability of sanitizers and masks, we can take the next year on with more willpower. 


Are We Ready?


We are coming out of 2020 with flying colors. And with the sheer determination to tackle the virus from a distance, we can prepare ourselves for what is to come. 

Additionally, with the advent of vaccines against COVID-19, we are yet to know its effectiveness against the new strain. 

And together, we can take up any challenge that the next year has in store. 

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